Stash Stock Party Rewards: Get Free Bonus Stock In June 2023

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Stash has a party every Monday and Friday at 4 o’clock, and they’re supposed to give away free stocks under a special program formerly known as Stash Stock Party Rewards.

Earn a $20 Sign up bonus when you open a new account using the stash promo code and make your first deposit of $0.1. Plus, you will also earn stock when you invite your friends.

If you’re not a Stash member, then you are missing out on the opportunity to invest your money in a way that might make it grow, so don’t hesitate and read our full Stash App Guide.

This article will look at a complete stash stock party program and tell you how you can get free stocks from it! So read the review and avail the advantage of Stash Stock party rewards. 

What is a Stash Stock Party?

What is a Stash Stock Party rewards?

The Stash Stock Party Rewards Program allows you to earn fractions of shares of stock in certain publicly traded companies and exchange-traded funds. These are special time programs during which Stash Investors can claim bonuses for buying stock.

Today, many investors don’t just want to purchase individual stocks but also participate in the event and gain equity in multiple companies.

The Stash app recently announced that its stock parties have been growing in popularity, with more new participants joining and creating a climate of virality greater than ever.

The Stash Stock Party program will determine the total number of shares given away on holiday. Then Stash will divide that number by the shares they give away on that holiday.

And Once you have received your Stash stock party stock, then you can withdraw it to your bank account.

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How To Get Free Stocks from Stash Stock party?

Claim Free Stash Stock party Rewards

To participate in the Stash Stock Party Rewards Program, you need to have an individual taxable brokerage account and open a Personal Portfolio.

If you’re eligible to participate in the Stash Stock Party Rewards program, then you can open a personal portfolio. So, After Verifing your simple details Here is how you can get your Free Stash Stock Party Stock:

  1. Step 1: Visit this Stock Party Link, and you will get redirected to the stash stock party rewards home page.
  2. Step 2: Now, Sign in to your Stash account, and you will see a big button with “Claim Free Stocks
  3. Step 3: After you click the button, your free stock will get credited to your account within three days.
  4. Step 4: The Stash Stock Party Reward will depend upon the number of users who joined the party, so invite your family and friends, and you will get more rewards.

If You want to increase your free stock, copy your Stash referral link and share it with your family and friends, and you will earn fractional shares of bonus stock for every friend joining the party.

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How does Stash Stock Party work?

Stash Stock Investments is a user-friendly app that lets you invest and earn in the stock market. With Stash, you can grow your portfolio and even earn bonus stock along the way. 

Participate in the exciting Stash Stock Parties, where you can dive into investment discussions and get insights from experienced advisors. Plus, sign up now and get a free stock as a bonus! 

Stash hosts stock parties with its members each weekend. Members get the notification to these parties via text message, and they have an hour to claim the Free stock before it disappears.

How does Stash Stock Party work?

The more people that attend a party, the bigger your share of the total pot can be!

Stash’s management overview includes rebalancing options, deposits, withdrawals, and smart portfolios. It also offers reporting features such as statements, performance tracking, and productivity options.

However, there is no option for external account re-investing or external re-harvesting.

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How much stock do you get from a stash Stock party?

Stash Stock party free stocks

If you are invited to a Stash Stock party on Party Date, then Stash will offer Stock Rewards in the aggregate amount of $10,000 of Company A Stock to all Eligible Rewards Recipients if there are 75,000 Eligible Rewards Recipients on that given Party Day.

The maximum amount of our Stock Rewards you can get on a Party Day is $5.00. The rewards will be calculated based on the number of prizes that should be distributed and they’ll give you $5.00 on that Party Day if the total dollar value (minimum cash out value) exceeds the threshold as set forth in the preceding sentence.

Let’s take a look at how these free stocks are distributed:

Number of Eligible Rewards Participants On The Specific Party DayTotal Amount of Stock Stash Will be Offer On The Specific Party Day
0 – 9,999$100
10,000 – 19,999$500
20,000 – 29,999$1,000
30,000 – 39,999$2,000
40,000 – 49,999$4,000
50,000 – 59,999$6,000
60,000 – 69,999$8,000
70,000 – 79,999$10,000
80,000 – 89,999$13,000
90,000 – 99,999$16,000
100,000 – 109,999$18,000
110,000 – 119,999$20,000
120,000 – 129,999$25,000
130,000 – 139,999$29,000
140,000 – 149,999$33,000
150,000 – 159,999$35,000
160,000 – 169,999$39,000

Is stash stock Party legit?

Is Stash Stock party rewards legit?

Yes, the Stash Stock party rewards program is a completely legit program and offers you free stock rewards every weekend.

Stash Investments LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser. So you do not need to worry about safety.

Stash Stock Party Rewards combines your investments and personal finances in one place. You manage your investments with a brokerage account, online banking, budgeting, and savings tools.

It also includes a StockBack card when you shop at over 50 different stores and educational resources.

The program allows you to open an IRA retirement account and additional investment accounts that help you increase your wealth through saving.

Stash Review:

Stash has a decent online review, and many users loved this stash stock party program to sell their free stocks and earn some cash. Join the Stash Stock Party and Earn Bonus Stock!

How Stash Manages Your Money?

How Stash Manages Your Money?

Stash is a popular investment app that allows you to build your portfolio with stocks and fractional shares. Stash offers two investment options: Smart Portfolio and Self-Managed Portfolios.

The Smart Portfolio is a robo-advisor that creates a personalized investment portfolio based on your risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment preferences.

It sets target asset allocations and automatically rebalances your investments quarterly. 

You cannot manually adjust the allocations chosen by the robo-advisor. The minimum amount to open a Smart Portfolio account is $5, and it is only available for taxable brokerage accounts, not retirement accounts.

The Self-Managed Portfolios option is for hands-on investors. It allows you to build your own investment portfolio using thousands of stocks, ETFs, and fractional shares.

Stash does not charge trading commissions; trades are processed only during four windows each day to discourage day trading. They also offer a limited selection of cryptocurrency assets for trading.

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Does a stash Stock party cost money?

No, the Stash stock party does not need any extra stash charges. Stash Stock Parties are a unique feature of the Stash app.

It’s a wonderful event that offers free stocks to its users, and you can get your free stocks every weekend by visiting Stash Stock Party Rewards and completing your account. Then you’ll receive an email about how to reserve your spot at a party.


Stash stock party is a unique and great program because it offers free stocks every weekend.

Get rewarded with free stock and bonus stock as you participate in these parties. The amount of stocks depends on the number of people attending.

The more people that join up, the bigger the prize pot. When you tap Claim Free stocks, you’ll instantly receive a prize worth $5 in return, and the greater prize will be transferred to your account within three days. So, go and take advantage of Party power and earn stock.

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FAQs on Stash stock Party Rewards

How much can I earn from #StashStockParty?

You don’t have to, so just keep coming back to party with Stash. You can earn a maximum of $5 per day.

I don’t have a Stash. How can I join the #StashStockParty?

You can reserve your seat by going to the party website ( and using your email address. Once you complete your account, you’ll receive an email to claim your stock.

There is a $1 monthly subscription fee plus additional fees for any ancillary services offered by Stash. The fees and expenses reflected in the pricing of the ETFs in your account will also be your responsibility.

I’ve got an account. How do I join the #StashStockParty?

Congratulations on becoming a Stasher. Enter your Stash credentials once you reach the party website ( In the event you already have an account and try to sign up, your stock will not be credited.

Why do you not see a party on the site?

You can follow Stash on Twitter to find out when a stash Stock party is happening.

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