Stash Promotions: $20 Stash Sign Up Bonus (2022)

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If you are looking for a fantastic Investing app with a highly advanced portfolio that allows you to start Investing just a small amount, Then Stash App is the best option for you! Stash is a unique investing app built for beginners to start their successful investing journey with just $5!

Current Stash Promotions offers a $20 Stash Sign Up Bonus to new users who join through the Special Stash Promo code. Also, you can get free weekly stocks from Stash Stock Party Rewards, along with advanced educational content and smart portfolios that will help you make your investment successful .

So let’s look at what is Stash app? and what does stash offers and how you can claim all its benefits.

What is Stash App?

Stash is an app that makes investing in stocks, ETFs, and crypto easy and affordable by automating your investing in stocks, cryptos, and ETFs. 

What is Stash App?

Stash is mainly designed for beginner investors who have never invested before similar to Plynk Invest, and the best part about the stash app is that it will not buy and sell stocks and ETFs for you. Still, they will recommend the best investments for your financial goals.

When you open your stash account, they’ll ask you a few questions about your financial goals, investing goals, and how much risk you’re willing to take. Then, they’ll give you personalized feedback on the best way to invest for you and how to invest in general.

Stash Promotions: Get a $20 Stash Sign up Bonus

Stash Promotion: Get a $20 Stash Sign up Bonus

Stash Promotions offers a $20 Stash Sign up bonus when you Open a verified stash account through a special stash Promo code and deposit at least $0.10 to your stash account. Your reward will automatically be credited to your stash account.

Here is how to claim your Stash Sign Up Bonus

  1. Click on the above button and download the stash app.
  2. After you Download the stash app, click on the “Blue Sign up Button.”
  3. Now It will ask you to email, fill in your email and Password.
  4. Then it will ask basic questions like your name, date of birth, and cell phone number and will ask you to set up a PIN. 
  5. Then Stash will take a survey about your financial situation to create smart portfolios for you.
  6. Now it will ask you to choose a plan and make a payment.
  7. Now you have to link your bank (you can link by instant verification or manual verification).
  8. And now you have to deposit $0.10 to your Stash account; you will instantly get your $20 Stash promotions p Bonus.

It doesn’t matter whether you fund your Stash Personal Portfolio for investing or your Stash Banking account with a Stock-Back Card. You will be eligible to claim your $20 Stash Sign Up Bonus.

Stash Promo Codes For Free Money

Here Are Some Stash Promo Codes to claim some Free Money from Stash:

  • Stash promotion code 2022: x4nwlkw.
  • Stash promo code existing customers 2022: s2kelrm.
  • Secret stash promo code: arun_x4nwlkw.

Stash Referral Program: $20 Referral Bonus

Stash Referral Program: $20 Referral Bonus

Stash referral Program offers a $20 Stash Referral Bonus to invite every new user on Stash App with your unique Stash Referral Code. So, Open a Stash investing account and grab your unique referral link to share with your friends.

Here Is How To Claim Stash Referral Bonus

  1. Login To Your Stash Account.
  2. Go to Referral Option, copy your unique Stash referral code, and share it with your family and friends.
  3. Once Someone Sign Up Using your referral code and claims their sign up bonus by depositing $0.10, then both of you will get a reward of $20.

What Does Stash offers?

Stash App Benefits

Here are some Stash App Benefits:

  • Micro investing: Micro investing means that you can invest as little as $5 into what’s called a fractional share. This basically means you could buy a percentage of Stock without needing to buy the full Stock.
  • Wide range of investments: Stash Offers you lots of investment opportunities which you could choose depending on your goals, how aggressive you want to invest in the time-frame, and you want to hold that investment.
  • Stock back: Stock back is a feature that allows you to earn stocks as a reward anytime you use your debit card for purchases within certain companies.
  • Roth IRA by Stash: Stash gives you an opportunity to open a Roth IRA account for your children to get them started on their investing journey.

Stash Invest Pricing and Plans:

Stash Offers you three Plans, 

Stash Beginner: $1 Per MonthStash Growth: $3 Per MonthStash +: $9 Per Month
Advice: For beginner investingEverything in Stash BeginnerEverything in Stash Growth, Plus, you’ll also get:
Investing access: Personal PortfolioAdvice: For growing personal financesAdvice: For family finances, Stash+ Market Insights.
Banking access: Stock-Back® Card, Get paid up to 2 days earlyInvesting access: Smart Portfolio, Retirement PortfolioInvesting access: 2 Kids Portfolios (custodial accounts)
Insurance access: $1k life insurance offered by Avibra.Insurance access: $1k life insurance offered by Avibra.Banking access: 2x Stock with the Stock-Back® Card.
Insurance access: $10k life insurance offered by Avibra.
If you want to know more about Stash App Plans, then you must read our Stash App Investing Guide

Benefits Of Stash Smart Portfolio:

Benefits Of Stash Smart Portfolio
  • Personal Portfolios of stocks and ETFs can easily be built and managed with Stash App through personalized recommendations. 
  • You can make small investments that help you achieve your financial goals by browsing through thousands of stocks and ETFs.
  • Investors of all levels can start investing with fractional shares starting at $0.01, making investments affordable for everyone.
  • Taking an automatic investing approach with Stash is a great way to take a hands-off approach. Depending on your needs, they can even make investment recommendations.

How To Invest In Stash App?

How To Invest In Stash App?

So the goal is to always take our money and put it into places where it’ll generate more money for us. 

If we don’t do that, we’ll always remain in a clock-in, clock-out type of world where we’re just waiting for our next paycheck.

  • The first step is to deposit money into your personal portfolio, so the personal portfolio is this deposit box that will hold all your money until you’re ready to purchase stocks.
  • The second step is to set your schedule; the goal is to make your money work for you, so the more you can automate the process, the more you can build your income while you sleep.
  • The Third Step is buying stocks; you really want to make sure that you’re looking at all your options because Stash offers more than 250 individual stocks or ETFs.

Stash always shows the right Stock for you according to the income level you have selected, so you no need to worry as you can even buy stocks in fractional shares.


If you want to build and manage a diversified portfolio of personalized stocks and ETFs, Stash is the place to go. Use the Stash Stock-Back Card to earn stock rewards on everyday purchases from well-known brands.

Along with a $20 Stash Promotions bonus, you can even get lots of extra benefits from making an investment in high returns stocks.

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