Webull Free Stock: Claim 12 Free Stocks Worth Up To $36,000!

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Get 12 Webull free stocks worth up to $30,600 when you sign up using this Webull promo code and fund your account. You will also get a free share of 15 free stocks Webull referral bonus for every 3 friends you invite.

Webull Crypto Trading platform allows you to start your trading journey with 0 commissions, advanced trading tools, in-depth analysis tools like Intuitive charts, various screeners, and in-depth company fundamental data.

The Webull broker also offers retirement accounts, margin trading, and crypto trading.

This article will help you to get the latest Webull free top stock market promotion with simple steps to claim your Webull free stocks worth up to $30,600!

Webull Free Stock Promotion

Webull Free Stock Promotion

If you open a new Webull account using a Webull referral code and make your first deposit of at least $100 within 30 days, then you will earn 12 free stocks, each stock valued at up to $30,600!

Note: The Webull offers changes frequently, so you must check the latest Webull free stock promotion here!

If you make your Deposit, you will get your Webull Sign up bonus within 5 days.

However, Even if you have not funded your account you will still get two free stocks each worth a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $6000.

How To Get Webull Free Stock?

Follow the below steps to get your Webull free stocks:

If you want a step-by-step process to get your Webull Sign up bonus, check our detailed article on Webull Promotions.

The Webull free stock promotion is a limited-time offer, and the duration to claim you’re and get up to 12 free stocks is 2/1/2023 – 4/10/2023.

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Webull Referral Bonus: 15 Free Stocks

Webull Referral Bonus: 15 Free Stocks

You can earn 15 Free Stocks, each worth between $8 – $1600 if you refer 3 friends within 30 days and they sign up for the Webull app and fund their account with your unique Webull referral link.

How Much Does Webull Charge To Cash Out?

The Webull Charge to cashout will depend on the method of transfer you choose:

  • You will not be charged any money on ACH transfers. There is a $50,000 maximum deposit and withdrawal limit per day for ACH deposits.

However, If you want to transfer your funds through Wire Transfer then you will be charged some fee:

Domestic WireDeposit$8 /per transaction
Domestic WireWithdraw$25 /per transaction
International Wire*Deposit$12.5 /per transaction
International Wire*Withdraw$45 /per transaction

Note: “*” indicates that additional fees may apply for international wires, such as foreign exchange conversion fees.

How Does Webull’s Offer Compare to Other Free Stock Promotions?

How Does Webull's Offer Compare to Other Free Stock Promotions?

Webull offers one of the best Free Stock promotions with up to $30,600 worth of free stocks. However, some other promotions are offering up to $200 shares of free stock trading each to new users:

  • Acorns: $5 bonus offer.
  • Firstrade: $3 to $200 range of bonus offers.
  • Fundrise: $10 bonus offer.
  • M1 Finance: $10 bonus offer.
  • Moomoo: $3 to $2,000 range of bonus offers.
  • Plynk Invest: $10 to $100 range of bonus offers.
  • Public: $10 bonus offer.
  • Robinhood: $5 to $200 range of bonus offers.

So, As you can see Webull offers more free shares of stock than any other Stock promotions.

Is my money in Webull safe?

Yes! Your Money is Completely Safe in Webull, It is one of the highly reliable and secure stock trading apps that is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

Is Webull 100% Free?

Yes! Webull is 100% Free and it doesn’t charge any commissions for trading stocks, ETFs, and Options trades listed in the US.

Webull is a no-cost broker, however, there are some fees applied by specific regulatory agencies, and is $0.55 per contract fee applies for specific options trades on Webull. And this fee is not included in Webull profit margin.


Webull is a great option for those looking to start their trading journey, as it offers everything from beginner to advanced to make their first trade successful.

Webull free stock is also an awesome start with some unpredictable welcome bonuses up to a value of $30,600.

FAQs On Webull Free Stock

How long do you have to keep free stocks on Webull?

You don’t have to keep your own free trading stocks on Webull. Once the free stock has settled into your account, you can instantly turn them into cash balances and can withdraw them to your bank account.

How do I claim 12 free Webull stocks?

To Claim 12 Free Webull stocks, you must open a brokerage account with a Webull referral code and make an initial deposit of $100 or more in the new account.

Do you get taxed for free stocks on Webull?

No, You will not get taxed for free stock, as Webull considers your $ 2 free stock as miscellaneous income [1099-MISC], Even if you sell your free stocks, your sale will also be reported to [1099-B], and the cost basis of the free stock will also be reported as $0.

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