Instarem Promotions: $22 Sign Up Bonus + $22 Referral Reward

Looking for a fast and affordable way to transfer money overseas? Then Instarem Is an Excellent choice for you!

Instarem is a money transfer service that lets you transfer money to your loved ones, business and services online.

Currently you can get a $22 Instarem Sign Up Bonus when you join Instarem Promotions with this Instarem Promo code gv3uVW, Plus you can also get another $22 Referral bonus with their new Instarem Referral offer.

Here your will get all the latest Instarem Promotions, Coupon codes and simple steps to get your Instarem Sign up bonus.

Instarem Promotions: $22 Sign Up Bonus

Instarem Promotions: $22 Sign Up Bonus

Instarem Promotions will give you a $22 Instarem Sign Up Bonus when you open a new Instarem account with a special Instarem Promo code and make your first International money transfer.

How To Get Instarem Sign Up Bonus?

Here is how to claim your $22 Sign Up Bonus:

  1. Sign Up with this Instarem Referral Link.
  2. Open an account with your social accounts like Google/Facebook.
  3. Then, use this Instarem Referral Code “I4j8Vy” and complete your profile.
  4. At last, you just have to make your First money transfer to get your $22 Instarem Sign Up Bonus.
  5. Your Instarem Bonus will be credited to your account after your transfer is successfully processed.

Note: You can also use this Instarem promo code HDr75O while transferring your money to get an extra discount.

Instarem Referral Program: $22 Referral Bonus

Instarem Referral Program: $22 Referral Bonus

If you invite your friends with your Instarem referral code, they open a verified Instarem account and make their first successful money transfer then both of you will get your $22 Instarem Reward.

How To Get Instarem Referral Bonus?

Here Is how to claim your $22 Referral Bonus:

  1. Login To Your Instarem Account.
  2. Go to the “Invite a Friend” option and copy your unique Instarem Referral code.
  3. Share Your Instarem Code with your family and friends.
  4. Once someone signs up using your unique Instarem Referral code, opens a verified account, and makes their first money transfer, Then you will get your $22 Instarem Referral Bonus.

What Is Instarem?

Instarem is an excellent overseas money transfer service that offers low fees, fast transfers, and great discounts to save your money!

Instarem offers amazing money transfer benefits like safe and speedy transactions, great exchange rates, and support from over 55+ countries.

It only takes 1-2 business days to completely process your money transfer and you can transfer in many ways such as debit/credit card, bank transfers, and wire transfers.

Is Instarem Legit?

Is Instarem Legit?

Yes! Instarem is a completely legit and Safe money transfer service and it is a fully licensed service provider in many countries around the world.

It is a Singapore-based Fintech company that lets people and businesses send money digitally across borders. As of now a lot of users are using Instarem to transfer over $5,000 per day.

Instarem’s minimum transfer Limit is $50 and the maximum transfer limit is $100,000. Instarem is a brand operated by Nium Pte.

Instarem has excellent ratings on TrustPilot of 4.4 stars out of 5 with over 7,700+ reviews 


Instarem is the best money transfer service that offers you lots of transfer benefits along with an exciting $22 Sign Up Bonus and referral bonuses.

So, if you want to save a lot of money on your international transfers, you must look into Instarem.

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