Honest Mama Money App Review [2023]

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I had to transfer money abroad, but I saw that the money transfer app did not allow me to transfer money in many countries. You may also be facing this problem. Right?

Mama Money App allows you to send anywhere, and you can send money using your phone 24/7. It has Low cost fees in South Africa. With a Reliable Transfer facility and licensed by the South African Reserve Bank, Mama Money has become one of the popular international money transfer apps.

Money can be sent from South Africa to 17 African countries using Mama Money App, a South African fintech company. So let’s read this Mama Money Review and Make your transfer Exciting!

What is Mama money App?

Mama Money is a overseas money transfer app that aims to make it easier for people living in South Africa to transfer money to their family and friends.

One of the main benefits of Mama Money is a transparent fee structure. However, as it’s percentage-based, fees on higher transfer amounts can get expensive.

It’s quite Similar to popular money transfer services such as Venmo, Cash App and Zelle that allows you to transfer your money overseas without any hassle.

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How To Sign Up On Mama Money?

Opening a Mama Money account is so simple and easy. You must follow the steps listed below to create a Verified Mama Money account:

  1. Visit this Link To Download Mama Money App.
  2. Give to provide your full name, address, and phone number.
  3. Take a photo of an accepted ID, like your South African ID or passport.
  4. Take a picture of yourself holding your ID document close to your face with a friend.
  5. Then, your account will be in review and you should keep in mind that account activation can take up to 24 hours.
  6. After your identity is verified you are eligible to transfer your money anywhere you want.

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How does the Mama money app work?

How does the Mama money app work?

So Let’s Start with the ways through which you can send money abroad with Mama Money?

  • Cash transfers: Depending on where you live, your recipient may be able to pick up the funds by visiting the nearest Mama Money cash collection point.
  • Mobile money transfers: Sending money directly to a recipient’s mobile wallet is another option.
  • Bank account transfers: With Mama Money, you can send money directly to your recipient’s overseas bank account. Despite being safe and simple, this method is slower than others.
  • Western Union network: Western Union has partnered with Mama Money to allow customers to send money and collect it at Western Union’s locations in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Now let’s see what payment methods does Mama Money accept?

There are three ways to pay for your Mama Money transfer:

  • You can transfer funds electronically via online banking or mobile banking.
  • A cash deposit can be made at shop locations throughout South Africa.
  • Your Mama Money Payroll Green Card can be used to withdraw funds.

You may also be wondering How long does an international transfer with Mama Money take?

  • Mama Money typically takes one day to process transfers.
  • Transfer methods and locations will influence processing times.
  • As soon as Mama Money receives payment, it aims to make transfers to recipients within 24 hours.

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How Does Mama Money Works?

How does the Mama money app work?

Here is how Mama Money Works! Using Mama Money, you can send your first international money transfer by following these steps:

  1. Open the Mama Money app on your mobile device.
  2. You will need to enter the name and cellphone number of your recipient when creating an order. If you already have a recipient in your account, you can choose them instead.
  3. Make sure you check the fee that will be applied to your transaction before entering the amount of rand you wish to send.
  4. Visit any Mama Money retail partner or agent and make a cash payment or electronic payment.

Here are the Types of Money transfers:

  • Airtel Money
  • Bank Account
  • Cash
  • Cash Pickup
  • M-Pesa
  • Make a Wire transfer to Africa
  • Mama Money Green Card
  • Mobile Money
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Orange Money
  • Tigo Pesa

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Is Mama Money safe to use?

Is Mama Money safe to use?

Money transfers are available through Mama Money. As per FICA regulations, you will need to provide proof of ID and proof of address when sending a transfer with Mama Money. Also, you will to choose a BOP category in accordance with reporting requirements.

Is Mama Money Legit?

Yes! Mama Money is completely legitmate site that offers you an affordable way to transfer money overseas, It has many unique transfer options and offers and accepts suitable payment methods.

Mama Money customer reviews are mostly positive, with customers finding the service easy to use and convenient.

There are complaints about customer service wait times and limits on how much money can be sent, but overall, customers are happy with Mama Money. You Can Read their reviews on App Store.

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Mama money Exchange rates

Wondering How are Mama Money App’s exchange rates are? According to Mama Money, the exchange rate they offer to their users is the same as the rates of the bank.

To get a clear idea of Mama Money’s exchange rates, compare the rate Mama Money quotes you with the current mid-market rate.

Mama Money App Pros and Cons


  • Multiple transfer options: Mama Money allows you to send mobile money, cash, and bank account transfers based on your destination.
  • Pay by cash or bank transfer: You can Pay for your transaction by choosing your most convenient method, cash in person or online payments. The Mama Money Green Card also allows you to send money directly.
  • Transparent fee structure: All transfers are charged a flat percentage-based fee by Mama Money.


  • Transfer destinations are limited: You can send funds to a wider range of destinations with other money transfer services.
  • Fees on large transfers. A percentage-based fee means that fees on larger transfers can be expensive.

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How Much are Mama Money App Fees?

There is transparency in the fee structure of Mama Money. Every Mama Money transaction is charged a flat fee of 5%. 

As a result, your fee will increase as your transfer size increases.

However, it has the advantage of being a flat fee across all transactions, so you can calculate your actual transfer costs before you complete your transaction.

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Mama money countries

Countries you can use this service with:

  • Botswana
  • Cameroon
  • Congo-Brazzaville
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo DRC)
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal
  • Somalia
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe and more.

Transfers can be made in a variety of currencies with Mama Money, including:

  • BDT – Bangladeshi Taka.
  • GHS – Ghanaian cedi.
  • INR – Indian rupee.
  • KES – Kenyan shilling.
  • NGN – Nigerian naira.
  • PKR – Pakistani rupee.
  • UGX – Ugandan shilling.
  • USD – US dollar.


Mama Money is a great option for those looking for an affordable, reliable way to send money abroad. With low fees and a simple, easy-to-use app, Mama Money is a great choice for anyone looking to send money internationally.


How can I increase my Mama money limit?

There are limits on transfers with Mama Money. As a Mama money customer, you will always be able to upgrade your account. Upon registration, you must decide whether you will apply for higher limits if you are a new customer.

How do I cancel my Mama money order?

If Mama Money has not received payment from you and a pay-out has not yet taken place to the designated recipient, you can cancel the money order at any time using our USSD menu or Mama Money web application.

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