Pangea Money Transfer Promotion: $30 Sign Up Bonus

If you are looking for a money transfer app that is easy to use, offers to send money at reasonable rates, and has very low transfer fees with the fastest transfer records, Then Pangea Money Transfer is just built for you!

Pangea Money Transfer Promotion offers a $30 Pangea Sign Up Bonus to new users who sign up using this special Pangea Promo code. Plus, existing Pangea users can also take advantage of another $30 Pangea Referral Bonus.

This article will inform you about all the current Pangea Promotions and Promo codes with simple steps to claim your Pangea Sign Up Bonus, So, Let’s Get Started!

Pangea Money Transfer Promotions: $30 Pangea Welcome Bonus

Pangea Promotions: $30 Pangea Welcome Bonus

Pangea Promotions Offers a $30 Pangea Sign Up Bonus when you open an account with our special Pangea Promo Code. New users can get a free $30 welcome bonus on their first money transfer to Latin America or Asia of a minimum of $20 or more.

How To Get Pangea Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Click On The above button to Sign Up On Pangea.
  2. Download the Pangea money transfer app. 
  3. Now, Open a Pangea account using your basic details.
  4. Then click “Send Money Now” in the Menu, and you’ll see an option that says, “have a promo code?“. Enter Pangea Promo Code “YXEE1845“.
  5. Once you make your first transfer, you will get your $30 Pangea Sign Up Bonus to your account within two days.
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Pangea Money Transfer Promo Code

If you want to save money while sending money abroad, then Here are some Pangea Promo Codes that will give you the biggest discount on your transfers:

  • Pangea promo code for existing user 2022: AAK2366
  • Pangea Referral code 2022: K38HSKS
  • Pangea money transfer referral code for New users: HELPINGDESI
  • Pangea Promo code for existing users: TRANSFER30
  • Pangea money transfer Coupon code For a transfer over $2000: GET093
  • Pangea money transfer Promo code for Instant Bonus: NEW3093
  • Pangea money transfer referral code for $20 credit when you Sign upMONEY20

Pangea Referral Promotions: $30 Pangea Referral Bonus

Pangea Referral Promotions: $30 Pangea Referral Bonus

All current users who invite new users by using their unique Pangea Referral Code are eligible to receive a $30 Pangea Referral Bonus as part of the ongoing Pangea Referral Promotion.

If you are facing difficulty in claiming Pangea Referral Bonus, then we have made a step-by-step process to claim your reward.

How To Get Pangea Referral Bonus?

  1. To Claim Pangea Referral Bonus, you have to go to the “Pangea Referral Program” option.
  2. Then copy your unique Pangea Referral Code and share it on social media.
  3. Once someone signs up on Pangea through your unique Pangea Referral Code, then you will get your $30 Pangea Referral Bonus.
  4. Your Referral Will also get a $30 Credit when they make their first money transfer.

What Is Pangea Money Transfer?

Pangea Is an International money transfer service that allows you to transfer your money to South America and Asia easily and quickly. 

Video Credit: Pangea

The fees for Pangea Money transfers are low!! allows you to transfer your money similar to Zelle, Mama Money, and Venmo. Putting the money right on their debit card or bank account is much easier. You can also let them pick it up at any nearby Oxxo, Coppel, Soriana, and more.

Your recipient can get their money in their bank account, on their debit card, or at one of Pangea’s 12,000 locations worldwide.

Is Pangea Money Transfer Safe and Legit?

Is Pangea Money Transfer Safe?

Yes! Pangea Money Transfer is completely safe and legit. Pangea protects your transfer with cutting-edge technology, so you can be sure that the money you send will get there safely.

Pangea money transfer service started in 2012 and aimed to make transactions quick, easy, fair, and safe. People living in 26 US states can send money to 15 Latin American and Asia countries through this service. 

Pangea money transfer reviews

Pangea Money Transfer has excellent ratings of 4.6, with over 2000+ reviews on Trustpilot

Users have reviewed Pangea as a Superior remittance service:

  • Prices are fair, fees have been fair, and service is fast and polite.
  • The transfer was completed quickly, allowing for speedy receipt.
  • The ability to send and receive funds quickly and reliably through Pangea makes it convenient to pay for services and complete activities.

How Does Pangea Money Transfer Work?

How Does Pangea Money Transfer Work?

Pangea Money Transfer handles international financial transactions in less than 30 seconds. 

  • To start with Pangea, customers must create an account with a unique Pangea referral code.
  • You need a mobile number and other biographical information (name, address, personal security questions). 
  • After you enter your mobile number, you can create an account.
  • You Can Send any amount you want to send, how you want to pay, and where you want the money to go (bank accounts, limited debit cards, or cash pickup). 
  • In some states, money can be transferred with a debit card, a bank account, or at your local 7-Eleven.


To Claim the Pangea Promotion bonus, you must sign up with a Pangea Promo code and make your first money transfer. Plus, you can invite your friends and can take advantage of their current referral program.

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