Upside Promo Code: 30¢/gallon + 1¢ Referral Reward Forever!

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Earn a 30¢ per gallon Welcome bonus when you open a new account using Upside Promo Code (HELPDESI30) and complete your first fill-up.

Upside is an app that gives cashback rewards on purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. Plus, You will also get rewards for scanning your old grocery receipts.

In this article, we will discuss all the latest Upside Promotions, promo codes, and how to use Upside referral code to get sign up bonus. So, let’s get started!

Upside Promo Code: 30¢ Per Gallon

Upside Promo Code: 30¢ Per Gallon

You will get a 30¢ per gallon new user bonus when you open a new Upside account using this special Upside Promo Code (HELPDESI30) and complete your first fill-up.

Also, You can use other Upside Promo codes to earn even more cashback on your next purchases.

How To Use Upside Promo Code?

Here are simple steps to use Upside Promo Code and get your welcome bonus:

  1. Visit this Upside Referral Link to Open a new Account.
  2. Sign up using your email and create a password.
  3. Click on the “Profile” icon, and then you will see “Promo Code” Click on Edit.
  • Use This Upside Referral Code (HELPDESI30) on the “Promo Code” option.
  1. Go to Your nearest Gas station and fill up your tank for the first time, and you will get a 30¢ per gallon Sign up bonus instantly!

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Upside Promo Code For Existing Users

Check out these Upside Promo codes to get rewards:

  • Upside promo code for existing users 2023 – HELPDESI25
  • Upside promo code 50 off – HELPDESI50
  • best Upside promo code – UPSIDEHD
  • Upside promo code 25 off – HELPDESI25
  • Upside promo code Reddit – HELPDESI70
  • Upside promo code new user- NEWUPSIDE

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Upside Referral Program: Give 30¢, Get 1¢

Upside Referral Program: Give 30¢, Get 1¢

Upside Promotions offers a 30¢ per gallon referral bonus when you invite your friends using your unique Upside referral code, and they fill up their tanks for the first time.

How To Get Upside Referral Bonus?

  1. Login To Your Upside Account.
  2. Click the “Earn more” option and copy your unique Upside referral code.
  3. Share the Upside referral code with friends and family.
  4. If someone opens a new account using your code and fills their tank for the first time, you will earn 1¢ per gallon for life.

There is no limit in the Upside referral program, so you can earn as much as you want. 

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What Is Upside App?

What Is Upside App?

Upside is a popular cashback app that allows you to earn cash back on over 50,000 stores with amazing deals. You can earn rewards on your purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Also, you can claim your rewards by scanning your old grocery receipts.

Upside helps you find your nearest gas stations offering the best deal and cashback rewards, so you can save money whenever you fill up your tank.

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Is Upside App Legit?

Is Upside App Legit?

Yes! The Upside is a 100% Legit site that gives you real money and discounts on everyday purchases. The Upside app partners with over 50,000 local businesses to give consumers cashback rewards, helping them save money on expenses. 

Users can browse and find offers available in their area, which may vary daily. The app is free to use and has positive ratings from users. 

Upside has been praised for its ease of use and the ability to find the best prices on gas in the user’s area. The app has encryption technology to protect users’ data and has not been associated with any major security issues.

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Upside promo code Not Working: Solution!

Upside promo code Not Working

If you are facing an issue with Upside Promo Code, then here are some solutions:

First, you must understand that you can use the Upside referral code only one time and to use more codes on your account, you must check out the Upside Promo Codes that are still active!

We have made a list of all working Upside Promo Codes, so you can use them to get rewards.

Second, Try To Reinstall the Upside app because sometimes, due to updates, your Upside app cannot figure out the promo code, so you must check that you are using the updated version.

If your problem is still unresolved, contact Upside Customer Service here!


So, Whether you are looking for a great discount on everyday purchases or want to save money on gas, Upside is the best choice for you! 

And With Upside Promo codes, you can also enjoy the latest Promotions with welcome bonuses and referral rewards.

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What Gas Stations Use Upside app?

The Upside app is a cashback and rewards app that allows users to earn cash back on gas purchases at participating gas stations.

While the exact list of gas stations may vary, the app partners with major brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon.

How does Upside Gas Make Money?

The Upside makes money through a profit-sharing model with its partner businesses.

When users purchase the app at a participating gas station or store, Upside receives a commission or fee from the merchant.

This commission is a percentage of the profit the partner businesses make from the transaction.

In other words, Upside earns money by bringing customers and sales to its partner merchants and receiving a share of the profits generated.

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