Getir Promo Code: $25 Off on First Order + $10 Per Referral

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You will get a $25 welcome credit when you open a new account using this Getir Promo Code (RYEBFOP) and make your first order . Also, you will get an extra $10 referral bonus for every friend you refer.

Are you feeling hungry late at night? Don’t worry! With the Getir app, you can have your food delivered to your doorstep within minutes with a $25 off discount on your first order.

Getir is a food delivery service that allows customers to order groceries, 1,500 fresh goods, drinks, snacks, quick meals, and home goods and deliver them within minutes.

This article will discuss the latest Getir Promotions, promo codes, and simple steps to get an Instant $25 welcome bonus on your first order with additional Getir deals and discount codes to save money on your shopping. So, let’s dive in!

Getir Promo Codes and Discount Codes

Here are the latest Getir discount codes that you can use to get $25 off on your first order:

  • Getir promo code first order – RPAJQOB
  • Getir promo code 2023 – RNOYWAP
  • Getir promo code Reddit – RNEXKOM
  • Getir promo code $20 off – RTABGIN
  • Getir promo code £15 off – RWESYAR
  • Getir promo code student – RGIBSOL
  • Getir promo code free delivery – RYEBFOP
  • Getir promo code £10 off – RFINSOS
  • Getir discount code first order – RDOJKOJ
  • Getir discount code 2023 – RWEDKED
  • Getir discount code £15 off – RXEZXIG

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Getir Promo Code: $25 Welcome Offer

Getir Promo Code: $25 Welcome Offer

Getir Promotions offer a $25 Off discount credit when you sign up and apply this Getir Promo code (RMOGKUG) on your promotion page. You can also use more Getir discount codes to get discounts on your next Getir orders.

How To Use Getir Promo Code?

Follow the below steps to get your Getir $25 Off:

  • Step 1: Visit this Getir Referral Link and Download the Getir app.
  • Step 2: Open a new account using your email and phone number, or use social accounts.
  • Step 3: Add your delivery address and choose the product you want to order
  • Step 4: Copy this Getir Promo code (RWEDKED) and paste it on the gift icon.
  • Step 5: Done! You will get your Getir $25 Off on your first order.
  • Step 6: Make your payment and enjoy your food within minutes.

Getir Referral Program: Give £15, Get £10

Getir Referral Program: Give £15, Get £10

The Getir gives £10 referral bonus when you invite your friends to join Getir using your unique Getir referral code. When they use your Getir invite code, they will also get £15 off on their first order.

How To Invite Friends on Getir?

  1. Login to your Getir Account.
  2. Go To “Refer a Friend” and copy your unique Getir Promo Code.
  3. Share your Getir Referral code with your family and friends.
  4. If someone uses your Getir promo code on their account, you will get £10 referral credit.
  5. Your referral will also get £15 Getir sign up bonus for joining Getir Promotions.

There is a limit in Getir Refer a Friend Program, and you can invite up to 10 users. Once your code is used by 10 times, then you will not receive referral earnings, and your code will not work.

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What is Getir Delivery?

What is Getir Delivery?

Getir is a food delivery company that on-demand delivery services for grocery items and offers a courier service for restaurant food. 

It is a Turkish startup founded in 2015 that operates through a mobile app that allows customers to order groceries and other products, which are then delivered to their doorstep within minutes.

Getir aims to provide a convenient and fast shopping experience, eliminating the need for customers to visit physical stores. 

Is Getir Legit?

Is Getir Legit?

Yes! Getir is a 100% Legit and safe delivery service that offers fresh groceries and home goods within minutes. The company sources its products from local supermarkets and warehouses, ensuring quick access to inventory.

Getir has excellent ratings of 4.4 out of Trustpilot Getir Review with over 8,246 reviews, and many users have loved the fast delivery of high quality goods.

It has received significant funding and has expanded its business successfully. Getir has expanded its reach to several cities in Turkey and has also entered international markets, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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Getir Promo Code Not working. Solution!

Getir Promo Code Not working. Solution!

If you are facing issues with a Getir promo code that is not working or you can’t apply the Getir promo, there could be a few possible explanations:

  • One common reason is that the Getir promo code has expired, as many promo codes have specific validity periods.
  • Another possibility is that the promo code only applies to certain items, orders, or regions that do not meet the requirements. 
  • It’s also important to double-check if the promo code was entered correctly, as any typos or errors can prevent it from being applied.

If you are experiencing issues with a Getir promo code, it’s recommended to contact Getir’s customer service at or telephone our customer service line at +441224051971 for assistance. 

Why Getir is So Cheap?

Why Getir is So Cheap?

Getir, a popular on-demand delivery service, is known for offering groceries and various products at relatively low prices compared to traditional supermarkets. Several factors contribute to Getir’s affordability:

  • Efficient Distribution System: By eliminating the need for large retail spaces and optimizing its supply chain, Getir reduces overhead costs, lowering customer prices.
  • Direct Sourcing from Wholesalers: Getir buys its products directly from wholesalers instead of relying on third-party retailers. 
  • Marked-Up Prices: While Getir offers lower prices than traditional supermarkets, they charge a slight product markup.
  • Delivery and Service Fees: Getir generates revenue through delivery and service fees.
  • Limited Product Range: Getir offers a curated selection of essential grocery items and other household products.

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Getir is an amazing grocery delivery service offering new customers a $25 welcome bonus when they sign up using a special Getir promo code, and it also offers a £10 referral bonus for every friend you invite. 

With its fast delivery, wide range of products, and convenient features like real-time inventory and contact-free delivery, Getir is improving how we shop for groceries.

Can You Cancel Getir order?

To cancel a Getir order, you can start an online chat on the app or contact with your order number and the phone number registered to your account.

Unfortunately, the app has no direct option to cancel an order. It is recommended to cancel the order as soon as possible before it is prepared and dispatched for delivery.

Does Getir have Student discount?

Yes! Getir offers student discounts. Students over 16 in full-time education, including university, college, sixth form, and high school, can access Student Beans for these discounts.

Getir provides a 10%-20% discount to students who have a valid student ID or Student Beans ID. The specific discount percentage may vary.

To avail of the student discount, students need to have a valid student card or Student Beans ID and enter the discount code provided by Getir.

What time does Getir stop delivering?

Getir operates from 8:00 AM in the morning until 12:00 AM midnight, allowing customers to place orders anytime between these hours.

The exact delivery hours may vary depending on the location, so checking the app for availability in your area is recommended.

Does Getir accept cash?

When it comes to payment methods, Getir primarily accepts digital payments such as debit and credit cards.

Customers can link one or more bank cards to their Getir account to make purchases. However, Getir does not accept cash as a form of payment.

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