Navy Federal Referral Code: $50 Bonus + $100 Referral Bonus

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You will earn a $50 welcome bonus when you open your Retirement Savings Account using Navy Federal Credit Union.

Also, you will earn $100 for every new Senior NCO joins using your unique Navy Federal Referral Code. You can earn up to a $500 referral bonus.

Navy Federal Credit Union is a special kind of bank that its members own. Most of the members are people who work for the military or their families. 

Members of the Navy Federal Credit Union can save, borrow, and spend money with the credit union. They also receive benefits like low fees, high-interest rates, and good customer service.

In this article, we will discuss the latest Navy Federal Credit Union promotions, bonuses, and offers with simple steps to earn your $50 welcome bonus and $100 referral money.

Navy Federal Referral Code: $50 Welcome bonus

Navy Federal Referral Code: $50 Welcome bonus

Navy Federal Promotions offers a $50 Sign up bonus when you open your first IRA account using the Navy Federal Referral code and deposit at least $50 in your savings account.

Navy Federal Often changes its promotions, so check the latest Navy Federal Bonus offer here!

How To Use the Navy Federal Referral Code?

To sign up for Navy Federal, you must qualify to join Navy Federal. Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • If you have a roommate who is a Navy Federal member, 
  • If you’re a veteran, 
  • If you’re in the military, the Department of Defense, or 
  • You have an immediate family member who’s a Navy Federal member.

Then, you are eligible to earn a $50 Navy Federal Bonus. Follow the below steps to earn your $50 welcome bonus:

  1. Visit this Navy Federal Link to open a new account.
  2. Open an IRA account using the Navy Federal referral code and access code (19431639).
  3. Provide some personal information, such as your Social Security number, driver’s license or government ID, current home address, and a credit card or bank account and routing number to fund your account.
  4. Make your first deposit of a minimum of $50 or more.
  5. Done! You will get your $50 sign up bonus once your account gets verified.

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Navy Federal Refer a Friend Promotion: $100 Referral Bonus 

Navy Federal Refer a Friend Promotion: $100 Referral Bonus 

The Navy Federal Referral Program will give you a $100 referral bonus when you refer new Senior NCOs to the credit union, and they deposit at least $50 in their account.

There is a limit in the Navy Federal Refer a Friend program, and you can only refer 5 friends and earn up to a $500 referral bonus.

How To Refer a Friend On Navy Federal?

Here is how to earn a $100 Navy Federal Referral Bonus:

  1. Visit this Refer a Freind Program Link.
  2. Share your unique Navy Federal Referral code and access code with your family and friends.
  3. If an eligible person joins Navy Federal using your code, you will earn a $100 Navy Federal referral bonus.
  4. Your referral will also earn a $50 Navy Federal sign up bonus.

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Benefits Of Navy Federal Credit Union

Benefits Of Navy Federal Credit Union

Here are the benefits of Navy Federal Credit Union:

Loan Specials:

  • Enjoy a 1% rate discount on consumer loans.
  • The discounted rate remains even after retirement.

Credit Card Specials:

  • 0% intro APR for 6 months on purchases.
  • 0% intro APR for 12 months on balance transfers made within 60 days.
  • Variable APR between 11.24% and 18% applies afterward.
  • $0 intro annual fee on a Visa Signature® Flagship Rewards Card for the first year.

Mortgage & Equity Loan Perks:

  • Receive a $250 loyalty card when closing on a first mortgage or equity loan.

Referral Program:

  • Get up to $500 when you refer new Senior NCOs for membership.
  • Receive $100 for each referral who joins.

Member Benefits:

  • Exceptional 24/7 service from stateside member reps.
  • Access to powerful products with great rates.
  • Low fees due to not-for-profit organization status.
  • Convenient banking options, including mobile, online, in-person, or at an ATM.


In conclusion, Navy Federal Credit Union currently offers two promotions: a $100 referral bonus for new Senior NCOs and a $50 IRA bonus for members opening their first IRA plan. 

These promotions provide opportunities for members to earn extra benefits.

Although the current promotions are limited, members can explore additional benefits such as competitive CD and Savings account rates.

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