Lugg Promo Code: $20 Sign Up Bonus + $20 Referral

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Have you ever purchased something big and struggled to carry it home? With Lugg on Demand delivery service, you can bring your luggage anywhere.

Use this Lugg Promo Code (REF313443), and you will get a $20 New user bonus when you book your first Lugg. Plus, When you invite your friends using your Lugg referral code, you will earn an extra $20 referral credits.

Lugg is a moving service that helps you to move anything around your town with just pickup and drop-off locations and is currently available in various cities of California and Washington.

In this article, we will look at all the latest Lugg Promotions, Lugg Promo codes, and simple steps to claim Lugg’s new user bonus. Let’s Get Started!

Lugg Promo Code: Get a $20 Welcome Offer

Lugg Promo Code: Get a $20 Welcome Offer

When you open a new Lugg account using Lugg Promo Code, you will get a $20 Welcome credit. You can use this $20 credit to get a discount on your first Lugg booking.

Here are some Lugg Promo Codes to earn your welcome bonus:

  • Lugg promo code – REF313443
  • Lugg promo code Reddit – ARY965166
  • Lugg promo code Reddit 2023 – CHA256265
  • Lugg promo code June 2023 – AKA405459
  • Lugg promo code First Order – ANU849490
  • Lugg promo code August 2023 – KLF645628
  • Lugg promo code First Time User Reddit – RTY457836
  • Lugg promo code April 2023 – PDS238964
  • Lugg app promo code – LOP385296
  • Lugg delivery promo code – ZXC819724

How To Use Lugg Promo Code?

Follow the below steps to get a $20 Welcome bonus:

  1. Visit this Lugg Referral Link to open a new account.
  2. Sign up using your phone number and verify it.
  3. Choose your “pickup address,” “drop-off address,” and photo of the item to be moved
  4. Select the vehicle, and on the checkout page, enter Lugg Promo Code(REF313443).
  5. Then, complete your booking, and two strong Luggers will load your stuff and safely deliver it to your destination.
  6. Done! You got the $20 Welcome discount on your first booking.

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Lugg Referral Bonus: $20 Per Referral

Lugg Referral Bonus: $20 Per Referral

Invite your friends to move their luggage from one place to another using your unique Lugg referral code, and you will get $20 Referral credits for your next Lugg booking.

How To Get Lugg Referral Bonus?

Follow the below steps to earn $20 per Referral:

  1. Login To Your Lugg Account.
  2. Go To “Free Moves” and copy your unique Lugg Referral Code.
  3. Share your Lugg Promo Code with your family and friends.
  4. You will earn $20 referral credits for every friend you invite and who book their first ride.
  5. Your Referrals will also receive a $20 Sign up bonus for their first Lugg Booking.

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Lugg Delivery Cost

Lugg Delivery Cost

Lugg delivery cost generally depends on many factors like the distance between pickup and drop-off location, the number of items you are moving, and the type of vehicle required.

However, some fees are fixed on the Lugg, such as you will be charged a fixed Base fare of $26, and for every 1 mile, you will be charged $2, and for a single item, there is a fee of $19.

If you are struggling to find out the cost of your Lugg delivery, then you can also use their Lugg estimate tool, which will give you accurate costs for your transportation.

Just fill up your pick up and drop-off location, and you will get your estimated Lugg Delivery cost.

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Is Lugg Worth It?

Is Lugg Worth It?

Yep! Lugg is completely worth it if you want to move your items from one place to another at an affordable cost. Also, With Lugg Promo codes, you can save even more money on your booking.

The Lugg Completely takes responsibility for the safety of your products, and it delivers quickly to your doorstep.

Also, if you are a driver and want to start a new side hustle, Lugg is one of the best places to start your side hustle journey and make some extra cash.

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Lugg is a great way to move your stuff anywhere you want. And, with the Lugg Promo code, you will get a $20 Welcome credit that you can use to save money on your first booking. Also, you can earn $20 Referral credits by inviting your friends.

So, If you are in a hurry, go and book your Lugg now!

How do you tip a Lugg?

If you want to tip on Lugg, you should wait until the delivery has been completed. Your app will then display an option “Tip and ratings,” and you can then give a rating as well as tip your movers.

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