Laziest Ways to Make Money In 2022

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Finding Laziest Ways to Make Money is ideal if you are looking to make money without doing any work. 

As our Mama investing aim is to help women to become financially independent, we are always looking for unique ways to make Money, and today we are again here with some of the laziest ways to make Money so that you can make money while resting on your bed.

So Let’s Dive into this article.

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To 5 Laziest Ways to Make Money

1. Copy Pasting Links:

Copy Pasting Links

Copy pasting links online or Affiliate marketing is one of the Laziest Ways to Make Money as you just have to copy-paste your affiliate link once.

Whenever people click your links and do some action online, you will earn Money, which pays really well. 

You can do it on any platform, and you can do it on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or even on any mobile app you want. It gives you so much freedom, and the income can be really high.

Here are some of the best affiliate networks from which you can copy-paste links and Make Money:

  • CPAlead
  • Admitad
  • CPAMatica
  • Toro Advertising
  • AdWork Media
  • MyLead
  • Madrivo
  • Panthera Network
  • Adsterra 

2. Sign Up Bonus Apps:

Sign Up Bonus Apps

There are lots of apps that offer you a sign up bonus just for joining them now, and you may be wondering why these apps offer to sign up bonuses. So many companies, in order to attract customers offer some welcome bonuses so that users join them to get free Money.

Signing up for the apps is one of the laziest ways to make Money as all you have to do is 2 have an e-mail and a people account where you can withdraw all your Money.

Now there are lots of apps available that offer you a Sign up bonus but to claim their bonuses, and you have to qualify for extreme conditions such as getting a $25 sign up bonus for investing $1000. That may not sound SoundSound good, right? 

That’s why we have selected some of the best apps which will give you sign up bonuses just for qualifying minimum requirements, such as making a dollar five purchase to get a $35 sign up bonus.

Read our article on the Latest Cash Back sites and Apps that Pay you real Money just for joining them.

3. Holding Crypto:

Holding Crypto

Currently, many of you may have invested in cryptos and hold them for profits, but what if I say you can make Money by holding your Cryptos tools? Wanna know how?

As Crypto has become one of the popular networks, that’s why many companies offer Money to hold your cryptos. With them, you can earn even a 6% interest rate on your Cryptocurrency.

If you want to and are interested in your crypto holdings, then you must read about the article on BlockFi promotion from where you can get up to a $25 sign up owner when you join and hold your cryptos.

4. Renting House

Renting House

If you have unwanted property or any unwanted space, then you can make even $200 a day. 

Many companies similar to Airbnb allow you to rent out your space for Money, and you know the best part is that you actually don’t need to do anything. 

The company will automatically search for the customer and show them your rental space bargain them to make a profit for you, and at the end of the day, they will send Money to your account.

All the Money that will come to your account is a passive income. Whether you are traveling or enjoying your weekends, you will continuously earn Money.

Here are some of the best Rental Networks:

  • Vrbo. 
  • Digital travel companies.
  • Plum Guide.
  • TripAdvisor Rentals.
  • HomeExchange.
  • HouseTrip.
  • Onefinestay.

5. Claiming Bank Bonuses:

Claiming Bank Bonuses

Bank Bonuses Also offer you Sign up bonuses to join them like many apps; however, these sign up bonuses are more than that offered by Apps.

Such that you can make $100 just for joining Chime Promotions, and you know the best part is that many of these banks don’t require many information.

So you can sign up on them easily and claim your bonuses easily just by joining these banks:

  1. Dave Bank Promotions
  2. Oxygen bank promotions
  3. Varo Bank Promotion
  4. Venmo Promotions


Hope you liked these Laziest Ways to Make Money. Signing up for banks and apps is my favorite way because I can do this anytime and anywhere.

All of these are the laziest ways to make Money, but which one do you think is the laziest way to make Money?

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