How To Sell On Temu? 7 Simple Ways To Become Temu Seller!

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How To Sell On Temu? If you own a closing brand, Selling Products on Temu can be a great way to make quick money in 2023.

Temu App is currently trending, with over 100 million active users in the United States shopping like billionaires. 

Temu has more than 100 Product Categories that cover all customer’s needs, which makes it the best option for small businesses and sellers to list their products and make a fortune.

In this article, we will completely dive into the step by step process on How To Sell On Temu. We will also see everything you need to know before listing your products on Temu. So, Let’s Get Started!

Can You Sell Stuff On Temu?

Can You Sell Stuff On Temu?

Yup! You can sell stuff on Temu. To Sell Items on Temu, you just have to sign up for Temu Seller and verify your details. After you become a Temu Seller, you can list your Products on Temu.

There are two ways to sell something On Temu. If you want to become a verified seller on Temu, you can either do so on the parent company, PDD Holdings, or become a trusted seller directly on Temu.

Any product you sell on Temu must follow Temu’s selling policies and restrictions, and you must avoid any penalties or bans on your product.

Want to know more about Temu Parent Company? Check out our detailed article on Temu Stock.

How To Sell On Temu?

How To Sell Stuff On Temu?

There are two Specific ways to sell on Temu, and you must Sign up for a Verified Seller by Pinduoduo, or you can directly become a merchant on Temu. Follow the Below steps to Sell Items on Temu:

Sell On Temu By Becoming a Verified Seller

Sell On Temu By Becoming a Verified Seller

You can become verified by Signing up from Temu’s Parent Company, PDD Holdings INC. However, To Sign up for Pinduoduo, you must have a Chinese phone number and Zip code and become a cross-border merchant on Temu’s platform.

Here are simple steps to become Temu Seller:

  1. Visit This Temu Vendor Sign Up Link To Join PDD.
  2. Enter your phone number and Zip code, then verify by one time code.
  3. Then you need to provide some legal documents like an original copy of the legal representative’s id.
  4. Then look at all types of stores available. You can become General Trade Merchant or Cross Border B2C merchant.
  5. After Providing all the legal documents and verifying your details, submit your forms for review.
  6. Once you get verified, then you can start selling your products.

Sell On Temu

After successfully signing up for Pinduoduo, you must select your seller center as Temu. Here are simple steps to Sell on Temu by Pinduoduo:

  • Login to your Pinduoduo Account.
  • Go to the “Seller Center” Tab and Select “Temu” from the drop down menu.
  • Then follow the process, which will give you all the ways to link your Temu account.

If you are signing up as Temu Seller, you must look at Temu Sales, which will help you attract more potential customers while providing them with some discounts.

Sell On Temu As Trusted Seller

Sell On Temu As Trusted Seller

To Become a Seller on Temu, you must open a new and fresh Temu account. Use This Temu Referral Code (com95307) while creating a new Temu account to give you additional $100 Temu Sign up Bonus benefits.

After creating a new Temu account, you must contact along with your Temu ID. Then The Temu Team will give you a unique Temu Seller Invite Code and step-by-step instructions to sign up as a Temu Vendor.

Let’s See Step by Step Process To Register As Temu Seller:

  1. Visit this Temu Seller Register Link To Register Your Shop.
  2. Fill in your basic details like Email and password.
  3. Fill in Temu Invite Code (com89572) on the Invite code option.
  4. Then provide your shop details along with your ID Card.
  5. After successfully signing up, scroll down on the dashboard to see “Apply Now” for the seller. Click on It
  6. Then You will be asked to fill in your details along with the Unique Temu Seller Invite Code that you got from Temu Team.
  7. Once You Click “Sign Up,” You can start selling your products on Temu.

If you face any difficulties while signing up, contact Temu seller at

Once you have become a Trusted Temu Seller, Then you can start listing your products on Temu. Read more about How To Become Temu Seller.

Before you go and start listing your products on Temu, you must understand what Temu sell, so let’s see What Items Does Temu Sell?

What Items Does Temu Sell?

What Items Does Temu Sell?

Temu Sells many products, from clothing, home decor, and fashion products to electronics, home goods, and beauty items. However, there are also some products that Temu does not sell, like guns, junk, and used items.

You can also check out What Temu Sells by checking out their categories, and if your products are eligible to sell on Temu, then you can list your items.

You can also check out what Temu does not sell from Prohibited Product List.

Temu Seller Fees

Temu Seller Fees

The best thing is that Temu does not charge any selling fees, and you can easily list your items on Temu without paying anything. However, if you generate sales, Temu takes a commission from the transaction.

This Temu charge will depend on many factors, like the product category sold, and ranges from 2-5% of the transaction amount.

Looking for some free stuff? Read our article on How To Get Free Stuff on Temu.

Is Temu a Reputable Seller?

Is Temu a Reputable Seller?

Yes! Temu is a completely legit and reputable seller that allows users to get high quality products at affordable prices. Temu also offers free gifts to new users who open a new account using Temu Free Coupon Code and join Temu Affiliate Program.

Temu also has great ratings on Trustpilot, with over 5,120 reviews, and many users have been satisfied with their service. However, some users have also seen late deliveries and given negative reviews, but Temu is a completely reputable company overall.

If you still doubt Temu, then you can also read our comparison article on Temu Vs Amazon.


Temu is a great place for sellers and small businesses to expand their market in US, UK, and many other Tier Three countries. With a large user base and more than 100 product categories, Temu sellers can sell their products on Temu easily.

We have discussed both ways to sell on Temu, and if you still have any doubts, you can feel free to comment, and we will find a solution for you.

Can You Dropship From Temu?

Dropshipping is against Temu guidelines. Temu Does not allow you to Dropship, and if you still try to dropship from Temu, you might get banned, and all your products will be canceled.

Does Amazon Sell Temu Products?

Amazon Doesn’t officially sell Temu Products. However, some of the Amazon Products are also sourced from Chinese vendors, so you will find similar products on Temu and Amazon.

Can You Sell Temu Items On Amazon?

No, You can’t! If you sell any item from Temu, Alibaba, or Aliexpress, Then it will impact your Amazon account, and you could even get banned from using Amazon FBA.

Does Temu Sell Your Information?

No! Temu Doesn’t sell your information, and You don’t have to worry about Temu selling your information because it doesn’t even store it. Your data is completely safe on Temu, and it is completely legit.

If you are still worried about your data on Temu, then read our detailed articles on Is Temu Legit and Is Temu safe to use a credit card?

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