Temu Vs Amazon: Which Is Best To Buy From Right Now In 2023?

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Temu Vs Amazon: Which is the Best Shopping App In 2023? While you’ve been using Amazon for years, suddenly you see people running towards a Trending Shopping app, Temu. Then you may be wondering Why is Temu so Popular?

Temu is dominating the e-commerce market now, while Amazon still has a global presence and the trust of millions of online customers. These two shopping apps cover over half of the online marketplace buyers.

And, if you are wondering which shopping app you should buy to get great quality, affordable prices, deals and discounts, and other shopping benefits, this article is for you!

In this article, we will look at a full scale comparison between Temu and Amazon, along with users’ reviews and whether Is Temu better than Amazon? So, Let’s Get Started!

Is Temu like Amazon?

Is Temu like Amazon?

Yes! Temu is similar to Amazon. Temu is a Chinese shopping app that offers affordable products. Amazon is a similar multinational marketplace that sources its products worldwide and stores them in its warehouses to provide quick delivery services.

However, both companies are different and provide unique benefits to users, and along with similarities, there are many differences also present in the products and services offered by Temu and Amazon. 

That’s why we have made this article to provide you with everything you want about Temu Vs Amazon.

Temu Vs Amazon: Biggest Shopping Websites!

Temu Vs Amazon: Biggest Shopping Websites!

Before diving into the comparison, let’s take a short overview of these online marketplaces and what they offer:

Shop Like a Billionaire Temu

Firstly, what is Temu, and who owns it? So Temu is an online shopping platform that offers a wide range of products, including fashion, home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more.

Temu is owned and regulated by the Chinese-based company PDD Holdings. Temu means “Team up, Price down.” this shows the brand’s core philosophy of providing low cost products with great quality.


The largest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon offers everything from clothes to home decor, streaming to cloud services, and it operates worldwide.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore, but it rapidly expanded to offer almost every product category imaginable. 

In today’s world, it is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms, providing consumers with a seamless shopping experience.

Temu vs Amazon Prices

Temu vs Amazon Prices

One of the most critical factors in online shopping is, of course, pricing. In this section, we’ll compare the pricing of similar products between Temu and Amazon to determine if Temu genuinely offers better deals, as claimed by some users. So here is the Pricing Comparison:


Temu is best when it comes to smaller, inexpensive items. Shoppers have found items priced as low as two dollars, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. 

Also, This special Temu Coupon Code (opt35230) offers a 100 dollar coupon bundle to all new Temu users to save money.

When it comes to larger items, such as furniture or household appliances, Temu may find it difficult to maintain an advantage in price over competitors.

If you are looking for a price drop in Temu, you can also add. “Temu price drop alert extension” on your browser to get notifications when your product reaches your favorable price.


While offering a vast range of products, Amazon may not always be able to compete on price for these smaller items. 

Given its size and reputation, the convenience of one-day shipping with Amazon Prime is one of the primary selling points for many customers.

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Why Is Temu Cheaper Than Amazon?

Why Is Temu Cheaper Than Amazon?

Temu is affordable because it connects buyers and sellers directly, removing the middleman expenses.

Due to lower manufacturing costs in China, Temu sells most of its products from vendors and suppliers in China.

With prices starting at $5 for dresses and $2 for makeup brush sets, Temu has offered home goods, electronics, and apparel shipped from China at low prices.

As the size and complexity of the product increase, the price difference between Temu and Amazon narrows significantly. This is likely due to factors such as shipping costs and product sourcing.

If you want to get even more discounts on Temu Products, check out our Temu Free Coupon Codes article and take advantage of great quality products at discounted prices.

Temu vs Amazon Quality

Temu vs Amazon Quality

Let’s now discuss an important concern when shopping on unknown platforms: product quality.

Temu Product Quality

Temu, being a relatively new player in the market, raises many questions about the quality and authenticity of products offered on its website. 

However, it’s important to stress that our Temu Review is based on personal experiences, and there have been positive reports of genuine products arriving as expected.

So, Rest assured about the quality of Temu products. Temu is a genuine company that provides high quality products at low prices.

Amazon Product Quality

Amazon is a global giant known for its strict quality control and counterfeit prevention strategies.

Amazon is a trusted option for shoppers seeking peace of mind because of its low chances of receiving counterfeit products.

Due to its excellent quality products and services at reasonable prices, Amazon has gained millions of users’ trust.

Temu Sales Vs Amazon

Temu Sales Vs Amazon

Let’s Take a look at sales statistics for Temu and Amazon:

  • In January 2023, Temu’s gross merchandise volume (total sales before expenses) was $192 million, up from $3 million in September 2022
  • In 2022, Amazon’s revenue was $513.98 billion, an increase over the previous year’s revenue of $469.82 billion.
  • In 2020, Amazon was the top U.S. company in retail e-commerce sales, capturing 38.7% of the market.
  • According to Bank of America, Amazon will hit $12 billion in gross merchandise value from Prime Day alone.

The best thing about Temu is its Limited time sales. Read our detailed article on Temu Sales and enjoy the benefit of amazing deals and discounts.

Temu Vs Amazon Customer Service

Temu Vs Amazon Customer Service

Regarding customer service and support, Temu and Amazon have strengths and weaknesses. 

Temu Customer Service

Temu has a great Team that assists 24×7, and you can contact them anytime. Although Temu’s customer service may not be as accessible as Amazon’s, reports indicate its team responds quickly to issues.

Amazon Customer Service

The customer service department is one of Amazon’s strongest strengths. 

The company’s customer support team is available via multiple channels so shoppers can get their questions answered and issues resolved immediately.

Temu vs Amazon reviews

Temu vs Amazon reviews

Here are some Temu Vs Amazon reviews based on Users’ Options:

  • Price: Temu can beat Amazon on the price of certain products, especially commodity items that repeatedly appear in Amazon search results.
  • Selection: Amazon has a wider selection and faster shipping than Temu.
  • Sellers: Temu has fewer sellers than Amazon, so users have fewer options.
  • Quality: Some say it’s difficult to find quality products on Temu because there aren’t many reviews to rely on.
  • Returns: Temu has a better return policy than Amazon, with 90-day returns and free shipping.
  • Customer service: Amazon has excellent customer service.
  • Response time: Temu responds to queries in less than 24 hours.
  • Rating: Temu has a 3.39-star rating from 914 reviews, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchases, while Amazon is the world’s most trusted shopping platform.

Conclusion: Is Temu better than Amazon?

In conclusion, choosing between Temu and Amazon depends on your preferences and priorities as a shopper. 

Temu offers various unique and affordable products, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers looking for bargains on small items. 

Meanwhile, Amazon’s extensive product selection, quick shipping, and stellar customer service make it a favorite among many.

Is Temu trying to compete with Amazon?

Obviously! Temu is not only competing with Amazon but with all e-commerce shopping platforms. And with its unique ability to offer low-cost products, it has a bit upper hand compared to its competitors.

Is Temu a threat to Amazon?

That is not 100% True! Temu is currently available in a few countries and offers a bit of late shipping, while Amazon has been an established brand for years and offers 1-day delivery with Amazon Prime.
However, If Temu manages to maintain everything even on a global scale, it can affect Amazon’s Sales.

Does Amazon Sell Temu Products?

Amazon does not officially sell Temu Products. However, you can find some similar or exactly the same Temu Products on Amazon. As Amazon also sources its products from Vendors in China.

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