How To Make $100 In 30 Minutes (7 Easy Ways)

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Want to know how to make $100 in 30 minutes?

Whether you just want to add a bit of extra income to your pocket or you are looking for a new full-time job, there are plenty of ways To Make $100 In 30 Minutes!

So do you want to learn how to make 100 dollars In 30 minutes? This article has all you covered.

This article will share all the best ways to Make $100+ Fast in an hour. Check out these free ways to make money fast and see which ones interest you. So, Let’s get started!

How To Make $100 In 30 Minutes?

If You want to make $100 In 30 Minutes online, then we have listed 7 ways that give you money fast, even in an hour! All these methods require less effort and time, so you must try them to get extra free money in your pocket!

7 Ways To Make $100 In 30 Minutes

Here are the 21 Ways To Make $100 In 30 Minutes:

1. Claim Bank Sign Up Bonuses

Claim Bank Sign Up Bonuses

Claiming sign up bonuses is one of the laziest ways to make money, as you just have to open a checking, savings, or Credit card account with a special promo code to claim your $100. 

With such large numbers of banking apps available on the Internet, it takes less than 10 Minutes to open a checking or savings account. However, some banks have strict requirements to complete, which makes it highly difficult to claim your sign up bonus.

That’s why we have gathered a list of the best banks with negligible deposits required!

UFB Direct

UFB Direct is an online banking company that is built to bring you an exclusive, easy-to-earn offer.

If you sign up this time through the special link below, you’ll get a $100 sign up bonus for opening a UFB Best Savings or UFB Best Money Market account.

Here is How To Make $100 In 30 Minutes with UFB Direct:

  • Click on The above button to Sign Up on UFB Direct.
  • Open a new UFB Best Savings or UFB Best Money Market Account with your basic details.
  • Now, Fund your account with a minimum of $10 or above within ten days (Not Specific Deposit Mentioned).
  • Done! After you meet all the requirements, your $100 Sign Up Bonus will be added to your account, and you can use it right away to get a virtual VISA or gift card from more than 200 stores.


Upgrade Bank bonus is offering a $200 Sign Up bonus when you open a new Rewards Checking account and get the Upgrade Card.

You’ll just need to sign up for their Upgrade Card through the above button, which is a mix of a credit card and a line of credit before you can get this deal. Then you will need to open a free Rewards Checking account. Lastly, you only need to buy three things with either your Upgrade Card or your new debit card.


Like other Neobanks, NorthOne also wants to change the way business banking is done by using tech.

Unlike most business accounts from well-known banks have transaction limits that force you to upgrade to premium accounts as your business grows.

NorthOne, on the other hand, charges a flat $10 per month and doesn’t charge extra for ACH payments, deposits, transfers, purchases, or app integrations.

Here Is How to Claim your NorthOne Sign Up Bonus:

  • Sign up on NorthOne using The link above.
  • Fund your account with any amount.
  • Your first three monthly fees will be free.
  • Plus, you will get a $30 Sign Up Bonus in your wallet!

2. Claim Free Stocks

Claim Free Stocks

Even though it sounds crazy to read “free stocks,” there are online companies that will give you free stocks in big companies like VISA, Microsoft, and many others as soon as you sign up for an account.

This is a perfect chance that can Make $100 In 30 Minutes. So, To Help you, we have listed some of the best apps that give free stocks:


Moomoo is a professional trading app that offers professional-grade tools and an interface to active traders. The best part is Moomo app doesn’t charge any fees.

Moomo advanced trading app has:

  • Trading tools powered by AI,
  • Free real-time Level 2 data,
  • A large amount of data and an active trading community all in one app.

Here Is How To Claim Moomo Sign Up Bonus:

  • Open a Moomoo brokerage account: Get 1 free stock valued between $3 – $2,000.
  • During the promotion period, if you make a net deposit of $100 or more, you’ll get 9 free stocks worth between $3 and $2,000.
  • During the promotion period, if you make a net deposit of $1,000 or more, you’ll get 10 free stocks, each worth between $3 and $2,000.


Robinhood is one of the most popular Investing apps that offers you free stock. 

The investing app has more than 10 million users around the world. If you sign up for a free Robinhood account, then you can get free stocks worth up to $200 within 30 Minutes. 

Your account is automatically credited with free shares after you set up your profile. Additionally, you can trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and options for free with the popular investing app.

Here Is How To Claim Robinhood Sign Up Bonus:

  • Sign up through this link and open your account within 24 hours to get your free stock from Robinhood. 
  • After your account is approved, you can play their pick-a-card game to get your free share of stock.

3. Freelance with Fiverr

Freelance with Fiverr

One easy way to make $100 In 30 Minutes is to work as a freelancer. There are no shortages of jobs out there, and some jobs are very easy to get into because you don’t need training, which makes them great for college students. You can also find the best jobs for you on FlexJobs.

Others, like consulting, are harder to get into because you need a lot of experience and training. It’s easy to start an Online Side Hustle or business with a low barrier to entry. In an hour, you could be making extra money.

With Fiverr, it’s easy to start freelancing right away. Steady job boards are always getting new jobs posted where there is a real need to hire.

4. Cash Back Apps

Cash Back Apps

Cashbacks Apps are the best option if you are looking to save money.

There are lots of Cash back apps that can help you get cash back on things you buy every day. These apps look through all the stores to find you the best deals, deals that are popular right now, price drop alerts, featured offers, and coupons that will save you money.

Here are Some Of The best apps that can save you over $100 In 30 Minutes:

5. Playing with Dogs

Playing with Dogs

If you love dogs, then playing with them and walking with them might be the best side hustle for you. You just have to do what you love!

Dog walking and dog sitting can make you an average of $1,000 every two weeks as a side job. You can work for Rover whenever you want or all the time, depending on your schedule.

6. Make $100 Passively by Investing In Real Estate

Make $100 Passively by Investing In Real Estate

If you are interested In investing in Real Estate, then this might be a great start for you!

There are lots of apps available that allow you to start your real estate investing journey with a very small amount. Here is the list of the best real estate Investing apps to make $100 In 30 Minutes:

  • Fundrise is the most popular app for real estate investing.
  • CrowdStreet is the best site for commercial real estate.

Even if you’ve never invested before, investing in real estate is a great idea in 2023. The best part is that, unlike in the stock market, you don’t have to worry about losing money when the market changes. 

You Can Also Read Our article on The best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

7. Sell Your Old Stuff

Sell Your Old Stuff

Do you still have old phones, books, DVDs, electronics, games, and other things taking up space in your home? Do you want to know how to use them better?

Selling Your Old Stuff can be one of the fastest ways to make $100. In 30 Minutes, you can sell anything, whether it is an old pc, PlayStation, or even your handmade craft!

There are lots of sites available on the Internet that pay you to sell your stuff online. Here are some of the most popular and high paying site which offers you decent money for your stuff:


Well, we have discussed everything about How To Make $100 In 30 Minutes? It involves a lot of hard work and it involves a lot of luck. We’ve listed a lot of ways to make $100 quickly here, and if you read through the entire list, one of them should stick with you.

So, Don’t Wait! Go and Make $100 In 30 Minutes!

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