CSL Plasma Promo Codes: $100 New Donors bonus + $50 Referral Bonus [2023]

Get a $100 CSL Plasma Bonus when you make your first Plasma donation using the CSL Plasma promo code.

Plus will also get a $50 CSL Plasma referral bonus for inviting friends to donate plasma.

Plasma is the liquid component of blood that is used to provide therapies and treatment for people who have many serious diseases and disorders.

Plasma donation is a profitable side hustle that involves getting paid for donating plasma.

In this article, you will get all the Latest CSl plasma coupon codes, with simple steps to get your first donation bonus.

What is CSL Plasma Donation?

What is CSL Plasma Donation?

CSL Plasma facility is the world’s largest collector of human plasma, which helps thousands of people with rare and serious diseases to live healthy lives and save them every day. It is used to produce life-saving therapy that cures diseases.

It has headquartered in sunny Boca Raton, and The 14,000 employees of CSL Plasma are committed to excellence and innovation throughout the plasma collection cycle, from donor screening to donation.

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Latest $100 CSL Plasma Coupon of May 2023

If you fill in your details in this CSL Plasma Donation link, then you don’t need any promo code to get your welcome bonus, just visit any nearby center and get your reward.

You can also share your unique CSL Plasma coupons or referral code here in the comments, and I will add them up.

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CSL Plasma Sign Up Bonus: $100 First Donation Reward

CSL Plasma Sign Up Bonus: $100 First Donation Reward

CSL Plasma offers a $100 CSL Plasma Sign up bonus when you donate plasma for the first time with the CSL Plasma coupon code.

Requirements for donating plasma to CSL Plasma

Here are all the requirements for donating blood plasma to CSL Plasma and earning your Sign up Bonus:

  • A Photo ID.
  • Proof of Social Security number (SSN).
  • Proof of residency or current address.
  • You must have age between 18 to 69 years old.
  • Your weight must be over 110 pounds, and your body must not have any tattoos.
  • You must be in Good health conditions

How To Get Your CSL Plasma Donation Rewards?

Here are simple steps to donate plasma and get your money:

  1. Find your nearest CSL Plasma Donation Center by visiting this link.
  2. Show your verification details to the center manager.
  3. Then they will do a Health Checkup to see if you can donate plasma.
  4. If you can donate, sit back and relax while their trained team collects your plasma.
  5. The Plasma donation process, called plasmapheresis, usually takes one hour and 15 minutes.
  6. Done! Once you have completed all the steps, You’ll receive your payment on a prepaid card after your first donation.

You can earn up to $500 a Month by just donating your plasma with CSl plasma coupon codes, and Your payment will be loaded onto a reloadable prepaid card like a debit card.

With the CSL Plasma promo and discount codes below, you can get more rewards for your second donation.

  • Maximize your Plasma Donation rewards with Biolife and get up to a $900 First Donors bonus.

CSL Plasma Referral Bonus: $50 Per Referral

CSL Plasma Referral Bonus: $50 Per Referral

Invite your friends with your unique CSL Plasma Referral discount code, and you’ll receive a $50 CSL Plasma referral bonus when they donate plasma for the first time.

CSL often changes its CSL plasma promotions, so you must check the latest CSL referral program here!

How To Get CSL PLasma Referral Bonus?

  1. Login to CSL Plasma Account.
  2. Go To “Invite” and copy your CSL Plasma promotion code.
  3. Share your CSL plasma coupon with your friends.
  4. If someone uses your CSL plasma coupon and donates plasma, then you will get CSL plasma rewards.
  5. Your Referral will also get $5 CSL plasma loyalty points.

There is no limit in the CSL Plasma referral program, so you can refer as many friends as you want.

Looking to save money? Save your CSL Plasma bonus cash with BeFrugal, TopCashback, and RebatesMe, and earn cashback on every purchase.

Join the CSL Plasma rewards program for more savings!

Join the CSL Plasma rewards program for more savings!

CSL Plasma has an iGive Rewards Program that allows you to Earn loyalty points to redeem for Cashback on shopping, Fast Cash, or special Deal of the Day merchandise and coupon, when available.

If you want to earn CSL Plasma rewards, then here are ways to get iGive Rewards points:

  • You will get rewards for every successful donation.
  • Inviting your friends to become Returning donors.
  • Participating in certain promotions in centers.
  • Completing surveys to get some extra iGive rewards.

These CSL Plasma Rewards give exclusive discounts, and you can turn your rewards into money by requesting a Fast Cash order (up to $200 per order), and you will get your money within 24-48 hours.

It is important to remember that your iGive rewards will expire if you do not make a donation within 30 days or do not log into your account within 180 days.

CSL Plasma Returning Donors Extra Bonus Payouts

CSL Plasma Returning Donors Extra Bonus Payouts

CSL Plasma is revolutionizing the plasma donation experience with its Returning Donors Extra Bonus Payouts program, designed to provide exceptional rewards to donors who consistently give their valuable plasma to save lives.

Returners can now earn extra cash by giving $75. You can receive $25 for 8 monthly donations.

The FDA has streamlined the donation process so returning donors can earn credit points for every donation, paving the way for an unparalleled rewards program.

By donating plasma 7 to 8 times, CSL Plasma Returning Donors program participants receive cash bonuses, prepaid cards, and exclusive coupons, all of which can be redeemed for their favorite products and services.

Donors can track the total price of these rewards and save money through a simple account system, which also offers special deals and savings.

Plasma offers a variety of coupons throughout the year that offer savings ranging from 1/3 up to 10 times the value of cash bonuses. You can earn 3 to 6 times more credit points if you donate 7 to 17 times monthly.


If you want to earn some extra money on the side, then donating plasma can be a great way to start! And CSL Plasma donation bonus program offers an incredible opportunity for individuals to give back to their communities while receiving extra cash.

By donating plasma, you are not only helping save lives but also earning rewards that can be used to support your personal goals and aspirations. Also if you donate your plasma for the first time with the CSL Plasma promo code, then you can get an exciting $100 Sign up bonus

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Why is my CSL Plasma promo code not working?

The CSL Plasma Promo code usually works every time, but you are probably not eligible to donate plasma if it’s not working. You can also ask the center manager if you are eligible for a new donor CSL plasma coupon, and in most cases, new and returning donors get their donation rewards.

How Much Time Does It Take to Make Donations?

CSL plasma centers take 90 minutes to collect your plasma with their highly trained team, and you can enjoy your favorite show using free wifi during that period.

How does CSL Plasma use donate plasma?

CSL Plasma collection centers help create lifesaving treatments for people suffering from serious or unusual illnesses. Treatments for rare diseases and hemophilia include immunoglobulins, clotting factors, and albumin.

How to contact CSL Plasma?

You can Contact CSL Plasma through their Contact Us page or Customer care number 1-866-275-6800.

What Is The Bonus for CSL plasma this month

The Bonus for CSL plasma this month is $100 when you use CSL Plasma Coupons listed above!

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