ZuluTrade Review – Everything You Need To Know!

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ZuluTrade is an online social and copy-trading platform. The company allows traders to connect their brokerage accounts to the ZuluTrade system and follow other traders.

But, Is ZuluTrade Legit?

This ZuluTrade Review will tell you everything you need to know about ZuluTrade and what it offers. So, Let’s Get started!

What Is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is an advanced online social and copy trading platform that allows users to trade Forex and other financial instruments without any hassle.

ZuluTrade allows users to connect their brokerage accounts to the ZuluTrade platform and copy the trades of other traders on the network. 

It is similar to Stash App, which offers beginners to start their trading journey.

Users can choose from a wide range of traders to follow and set parameters such as risk level and trade frequency. The platform also provides extensive analysis tools and educational resources for beginner and experienced traders.

Is ZuluTrade Legit?

Is ZuluTrade Legit?

Yes! ZuluTrade is a 100% Legit platform trusted by over 20 leading Forex Brokers, including FXCM, Tech Mill IC markets, and think markets. This platform can be used to trade a wide range of Forex pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and indices. 

The Zulu trade customer service team is available 24/7, and you can contact them by email, live chat, or phone.

ZuluTrade is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus and has offices in Athens, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Sydney, Auckland, and Rio de Janeiro.

How Does ZuluTrade Works?

How Does ZuluTrade Works?

ZuluTrade was created to make it easy for anyone to trade in the stock market. Copy trading is a way for you to copy the trades of other successful traders. This is a way to make money without knowing a lot about the stock market.

ZuluTrade is one of the world’s most popular social trading platforms and is licensed and regulated in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Social trading is a way to make money on the stock market by copying trades that other people make.

This is an excellent way for beginners to invest real money and learn how to trade. It’s a safe way for experienced traders to test out new strategies and diversify their portfolios.

ZuluTrade offers an interactive, user-friendly website. You can see the top strategy providers from the home page and the live spreads on trending instruments from the home page.

What Does ZuluTrade Offer?

What Does ZuluTrade Offer?

Here are ZuluTrade Benefits:

ZuluTrade Combos

There are different groups of people who trade, and each group has a different way of trading and a different way of making money. You can join any of your favorite groups.

When you choose a Combo, you choose a group of traders you want to follow. ZuluTrade’s team of professional traders manages each Combo.

Combos cover all trading profiles. Whether you’re a passive or very experienced investor, they have a plan for you.

Steps To Follow Trader’s Combo

  • Choose the funds you want to invest
  • Decide what level of risk you are comfortable with.
  • Your favorite combos should be followed.


ZuluTrade™ has a new feature that will monitor your trades, and if it thinks you are doing something wrong, it will kick you out of the trading site.

ZuluGuard™ is a special feature that helps protect your investment from the market. It’s important because it helps protect your investment from bad things happening to the market. It is available to all ZuluTrade investors, and it is available in Europe.

Why Should You Choose ZuluTrade?

Why Should You Choose ZuluTrade?

Here are the reasons to choose ZuluTrade:

  • Transparency

ZuluTrade believes in being honest and transparent with its customers. They share their performance data with everyone so they can see how they are doing. There are no hidden fees. They are committed to providing the best possible experience for their customers.

  • Innovation

Their team constantly analyzes your needs to provide new features and optimize your trading experience, always thinking outside the box!

  • Customer Orientation

They are always here for you! You can easily reach their highly-rated Customer Service 24/5 via chat, phone, or email!

  • Learn by Copying

ZuluTrade has interviewed a lot of people who trade stocks. These experts share their knowledge about trading with you. They tell you how to trade stocks and give you advice about trading.

  • Social Features

The social aspect of their site makes it easy to interact with other traders and investors. You can ask questions, learn something new, or share your knowledge to help others succeed too.

  • Unique Advanced Features

With Discover Backtest, you can automate what to monitor and how to react. You will also be able to apply advanced copy settings, giving yourself the necessary flexibility and power.


Overall, ZuluTrade is an amazing platform to start your trading journey. Along with popular social features, you can connect with successful traders and can learn from them!

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