5 Easy Steps To Use Temu Coupon Code And Save 30% Off | May 2024

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You can Save up to 90% with Temu coupon codes! However, applying Temu codes is a bit tricky. Many users missed the chance to claim the Temu Promotion offer and the special Temu $100 coupon bundle just because they don’t know How To Use Temu Coupon Codes Effectively.

That’s Why we have created this article to help all Temu users redeem Temu coupons and save money on their next order.

By using this Temu coupon code “aci384098,” you will get a Temu $100 Coupon bundle and a 30% Discount on your first order. Also, you can use the Temu promo codes listed in this article to save more.

Whether you are a new user on Temu or have an existing Temu account, these Temu coupons will work for everyone. With that, Let’s know how to use Temu codes and save big:

How To Use Temu Coupon Code Effectively?

How To Use Temu Coupon Code Effectively?

There are two ways to use Temu coupon codes:

  • The first way is by using Temu promo codes directly on the checkout page.
  • The second way is by pasting the Temu coupon code on the search bar to receive Temu promotions and coupon bundles.

We will look at both ways to use the Temu coupon with step by step process. Here is how to redeem Temu codes:

How To Redeem Temu Coupon Codes on Checkout?

How To Redeem Temu Coupon Codes on Checkout?

Follow the below steps to get a big discount on Temu shopping:

  1. Visit this Temu coupon Link and Download the Temu Shopping App.
  2. Create a new account or log in to your existing Temu account.
  3. Select the products you want and add them to your cart.
  4. Go to the checkout option and click on the “Coupon code” or “Promo code” option.
  5. Paste the Temu coupon code or use existing coupons and click on “Apply
  6. Done! You will see a 30% guaranteed discount on your cart.

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How To Use Temu Coupon Code To Get Coupon Bundle?

How To Use Temu Coupon Code To Get Coupon Bundle?

Follow the below steps to apply the Temu coupon code and claim Temu promotions:

  1. Visit this Temu Referral Link and Download Temu App.
  2. Sign up for your new account using email or login old account.
  3. Copy this Temu Coupon Code $100 Off (aci384098) and paste it on the search bar.
  4. Then you will see Temu promotions and a $100 coupon bundle discount, Claim it!
  5. Done! You will get coupon bundles that you can apply on checkout options.

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How To Find Working Temu Coupon Codes?

How To Find Working Temu Coupon Codes?

Finding the latest Temu coupon codes is hard, especially when they expire in one or two days. That’s why we have made a list of all the best places where you can find working Temu coupons:

  1. Official Temu Website: Temu’s official website is often the most reliable place to find working coupon codes. You can just look for the latest deals and you will see eligible coupon codes on the checkout option.
  2. Coupon Websites: You can find great deals on websites like DealDrop, WIRED, Wethrift, and Knoji. As of May 2024, DealDrop lists 30 active Temu codes, including a 90% off code. WIRED also offers a variety of codes, including one for $20 off when you download Temu.
  3. Temu Newsletter Subscription: You can receive exclusive deals and early sales notifications by subscribing to Temu’s newsletter.
  4. First-time User Discounts: Temu often offers significant discounts to new customers. This could be as much as 30% off.
  5. App Downloads: Some companies give you a discount if you download their app. Temu has offered a 50% off discount for 1 hour after you download their app.
  6. Social Media: Follow Temu on social media platforms as they share exclusive codes with their followers.

There are all the best places to find Temu coupon codes, also when you sign up for Temu Influencer you will get more discounted coupons that you can use or share with your community.

How do coupons work on Temu?

How do coupons work on Temu?

Temu does not offer a single coupon but a bundle of coupons that offer different discounts on every order. Here is how the Temu coupon works:

Eligibility For Coupon Bundle: Your order must meet the minimum amount to qualify for the coupon bundle. Taxes and shipping fees are not included in this minimum amount after discounts are applied. 

Temu Coupon Value: When you make a qualifying purchase, you will receive a bundle of coupons. Each coupon may have a different value and terms. 

For example, some users have reported receiving a £/$100 coupon after making certain purchases. However, These coupons often come with specific requirements. 

Usage Restrictions: Coupons usually have a limited validity period, often only 24 hours. Also, you can use a portion of the coupon for one amount and another for another amount. To make the most of your discount, read the terms carefully.


We have summarised the complete process of using the Temu coupon code for you, all you have to do is find working Temu coupon codes and apply them to get your massive discounts on Temu.

Also, you can choose to join the Temu affiliate Program or Influencer program to get special discounts on Temu shopping.

Does Temu only do coupons for new users?

No, Temu offers coupons for all users whether you are a new user or an existing Temu user. However, the process of applying the Temu coupon code is different. 

Temu new users will earn a $100 welcome discount by using the Temu Referral code while existing users can earn 40 off, 50 off and up to 90 off by using Temu coupons.,

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