Is Temu Free Shipping All The Time? (2024) Discover Now

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Yes, Temu free shipping is available all the time on all orders. There is no minimum purchase required to enjoy this benefit. Whether you buy a single item or multiple products, Temu ensures that standard shipping is free.

Occasionally, Temu also offers promotional codes for free express shipping, providing even faster delivery at no extra cost. This makes shopping on Temu convenient and cost-effective. Additionally, Temu offers free return shipping on initial returns, ensuring a hassle-free experience if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

For international customers, Temu ships to a wide range of countries, maintaining its free shipping policy globally. Enjoy the benefits of Temu’s free shipping and explore their various promotions and discounts to enhance your shopping experience.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Temu free shipping, including how to make the most of this benefit, understanding the policies for returns and international shipping, and tips on finding promotional codes for express shipping. Stay tuned to discover all the ways you can save while shopping on Temu.

Free Shipping On Temu

Temu frequently offers Temu free shipping promotions to attract and retain customers. This applies to all items and ensures that customers can enjoy their purchases without worrying about additional shipping costs.

Key Points

  • Promotional Offers: Often available during special events or holidays.
  • Eligibility: Typically requires a minimum purchase amount.
  • Duration: Limited-time offers that may change frequently.

Temu Free Shipping Minimum

temu free shipping minimum

Temu does not require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for Temu free shipping. This policy makes it easy for customers to buy even the smallest items without incurring extra shipping fees.

For some promotions, Temu sets a minimum order value to qualify for free shipping. This encourages customers to purchase more to save on delivery costs.

There are various options to save money on Temu such as Temu’s buy now, pay later feature, playing games on Temu, and discovering the top 10 things to buy on Temu.


  • Common Minimums: Often set at $50 or $75.
  • Varying Requirements: May change depending on promotions or country.
  • Benefits: Encourages larger purchases to meet the minimum threshold.

Temu Free Shipping Code

While Temu offers Temu free shipping by default, they occasionally provide promotional codes for additional shipping benefits, such as free express shipping. These codes can be found through various promotions and special offers.

Some temu promotional codes are Temu Free Coupon Code (aci384098), Temu New User Coupon Code (aci384098), Temu Coupon Code For Existing Customers (aci384098), Temu Coupon Code First Order (aci384098). 

Using Temu Free Shipping Codes

  • Availability: Look for codes during sales events or through promotional emails.
  • Application: Enter the code (aci384098) at checkout to receive free shipping.
  • Restrictions: Codes may have expiration dates or be limited to certain products.

Temu Free Shipping No Minimum

Occasionally, Temu offers free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement. These promotions are rare but highly attractive to customers.

Temu free shipping policy applies without any minimum purchase requirement, meaning you can enjoy free shipping even when purchasing a single item.


  • Special Events: Typically available during major sales or holidays.
  • Universal Eligibility: No minimum spend is required.
  • Limited Time: Usually short-lived promotions.

Whether you’re looking to return Temu items, wondering if Temu is safe to use with a credit card, or curious about how long Temu takes to ship, the platform provides comprehensive support and clear policies to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

How Do I Make Shipping Free?

How Do I Make Shipping Free?

Understanding how to qualify for free shipping on Temu can help you save money on your orders.

Standard shipping always falls under Temu free shipping policy. For express shipping, you can sometimes find promotional codes that make it free, or you can qualify for free express shipping by purchasing over a certain amount.


  • Meet Minimum Order Value: Purchase enough to qualify for free shipping.
  • Use Promo Codes: Apply available free shipping codes like (aci384098) at checkout.
  • Watch for Promotions: Take advantage of special free shipping events.

Temu Shipping Countries

Temu ships to a wide range of countries around the world. You can check the list of Temu shipping countries on their website or during the checkout process.

Supported Countries

  • Primary Markets: Temu free shipping is available in the United States, Canada, the UK, and parts of Europe.
  • International Reach: Expanding to more regions over time.
  • Shipping Options: Standard and express shipping are available depending on the country.

Temu Shipping Cost


Understanding Temu shipping costs is essential for planning your next purchase on this popular e-commerce platform. Temu provides free standard shipping on all orders, making it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Cost Breakdown

  • Standard Shipping: Free for all orders, delivery time ranges from 6 to 22 days.
  • Express Shipping: Costs $12.90 for orders under $129, free for orders over $129, with delivery time ranging from 4 to 11 days.
  • Availability: Both shipping options are available to most regions, subject to carrier availability.

Temu Minimum Order For Free Shipping

Certain Temu promotions require a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping. But occasionally there is no minimum order required to get Temu free shipping. This makes it convenient for customers to buy even single, low-cost items without additional shipping charges.

Minimum Order Details

  • Common Thresholds: $50, $75, or more depending on the promotion.
  • Benefits: Helps customers save on shipping costs.
  • Encourages Bulk Buying: Customers may add more items to their cart to meet the minimum.

Some customers can also enjoy benefits such as Temu coupon bundles, how to get $5 credit from Temu, and even participate in the Temu affiliate program

Temu Free Return Shipping

Temu refund policy

Free return in Temu free shipping is an important feature that enhances customer satisfaction by making returns easy and cost-free.  This policy ensures that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it at no extra cost.

Return Shipping Policy

  • Eligible Items: Not all items qualify for free return shipping.
  • Process: Request a return label through the Temu website or app.
  • Time Frame: Returns must be initiated within a specific period after purchase.

Temu Free Shipping UK

Temu offers Temu free shipping to customers in the UK as well. This allows UK customers to enjoy the same special benefits as those in other regions.

UK-Specific Offers

  • Local Promotions: Special deals for UK customers.
  • Free Shipping Events: Periodic promotions with no minimum purchase.
  • Standard and Express Options: Varying delivery times and costs.

Temu Shipping

Temu provides both standard and express shipping options. Standard shipping is Temu free shipping for all orders, while express shipping has a cost unless the order meets a certain threshold for free express shipping.

Additionally understanding the overall shipping process on Temu helps manage expectations and plan purchases.

Shipping Process

  • Order Confirmation: Immediate acknowledgement of purchase.
  • Processing Time: Usually takes 1-3 days before shipping.
  • Temu Shipping Tracking: Available through Temu’s website or app.

Temu Free Express Shipping

temu standard shipping

In addition to standard shipping, Temu offers free express shipping for orders over $129. This is a great option for customers who need their items quickly and want to avoid additional shipping fees.

Express Shipping Offers

  • Faster Delivery: Typically 1-7 business days.
  • Higher Minimum Purchase: Often required to qualify for free express shipping.
  • Limited Time: Usually part of special promotions.

Is Temu First Order Free?

Temu offers attractive promotions for first-time users, but Temu free shipping applies to some orders. While Temu does provide incentives for new users, such as discounts and special offers, the shipping benefit is universally applicable.

Additional Information:

  • New users might receive a discount code for their first purchase.
  • Temu’s ongoing Temu free shipping policy ensures no shipping costs for standard deliveries.
  • Promotions and special offers can vary, so it’s good to check Temu’s website or app for the latest deals.


Temu offers a variety of free shipping options to attract and retain customers. Understanding Temu free shipping options, including minimum order requirements and promotional codes, can help you take full advantage of these savings.

Whether you are a frequent shopper or new to Temu, knowing how to navigate their shipping policies will enhance your shopping experience.


How Does Temu Ship So Fast?

Temu uses efficient logistics and partnerships with major couriers to ensure quick delivery times.

Does Temu Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, Temu often offers free shipping promotions, especially during special events or with minimum purchase requirements.

Can Temu Ship Internationally?

Yes, Temu ships to various countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

How Much Is Temu Shipping?

Shipping costs vary based on order size, weight, and destination. Standard and express shipping options are available.

When Does Temu Have Free Shipping?

Temu offers free shipping during special promotions, sales events, and holidays.

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