Ostrom Referral Code: 50€ Welcome Credit + 50€ Referral

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You will get a 50€ sign up bonus discount when you create a new account using Ostrom Referral Code (MIKAP9BAD4). Also, you will earn a 50€ referral bonus for every friend you invite.

Ostrom Energy is a digital platform in Germany that simplifies access to green electricity for households through innovative services like smart charging for electric vehicles and dynamic pricing.

In this article, we will discuss the latest Ostrom Promotions, promo codes, and simple steps to get your 50€ Ostrom Sign up bonus. We’ll also look at user reviews to see if Ostrom is right for you.

Ostrom Referral Code: 50€ New User Bonus

Ostrom Referral Code: 50€ New User Bonus

Ostrom welcomes you with a 50€ welcome bonus when you sign up for a new account using the Ostrom Referral Code (MIKAP9BAD4) and provide your current energy source details and meter readings.

How To Use Ostrom Referral Code?

Follow the below steps to earn a 50€ welcome bonus using the Ostrom referral code:

  1. Visit this Ostrom Referral Link to create an account.
  2. Enter your postal code, address and phone number to sign up.
  3. Use this Ostrom Referral Code (MIKAP9BAD4) to get a 50€ Discount.
  4. Provide your current energy provider details and smart meter ID.
  5. Add IBAN as a payment method.
  6. Review your details and confirm your purchase.
  7. Just wait for a week for them to process your application.

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Ostrom Refer a Friend Program: Give 50€, Get 50€

Ostrom Refer a Friend Program: Give 50€, Get 50€

Ostrom referral program offers a 50€ referral bonus when you invite your friends using your unique Ostrom referral code and they switch from their current energy provider to Ostrom.

How To Share Ostrom Referral Code?

Follow the below steps to invite your friends on Ostrom:

  1. Login To Your Ostrom Account.
  2. Go to the “Refer a Friend” option and copy your unique referral code.
  3. Share your unique Ostrom referral code with your friends.
  4. When someone switches to Ostrom using your referral code, you will get a 50€ discount on your next month’s bill.
  5. Also, your referral will earn a 50€ welcome bonus.

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What Is Ostrom Energy?

What Is Ostrom Energy?

Ostrom Energy is a company that provides green electricity services in Germany. It’s a digital platform that helps you manage your energy use smartly. 

They offer plans with flexible pricing, and you can also get services for smart electric vehicle charging, and smart heating and cooling solutions

Households can use renewable energy easily and affordably with their fully digital experience. So, if you’re in Germany and looking for an energy provider that speaks English and cares about the environment, Ostrom Energy might be the one for you.

Is Ostrom Reliable And Trustworthy?

Is Ostrom Reliable And Trustworthy?

Yes! Ostrom is 100% reliable and trustworthy. Customers have given it a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with many praising its transparency, digital convenience, and excellent customer service. 

They’ve mentioned how easy and stress-free the sign-up process is, and the helpful support in both German and English is a big plus. It looks like Ostrom is making a positive impact with its user-friendly approach and quick problem-solving attitude. 

So, if you’re considering Ostrom, the feedback suggests you’ll be in good hands.

Ostrom Reviews And Complaints

Ostrom Reviews And Complaints

Ostrom is generally viewed positively by customers. It’s easy to switch to Ostrom and their services are easy to use. 

They appreciate the transparency and the digital approach, especially the support in both German and English. There are mentions of a strong customer experience and quick, helpful responses from the Ostrom team. 

However, there are a few drawbacks, such as the inability to upload meter readings via API without a smart meter. But overall, reviews of Ostrom’s service are overwhelmingly positive.


In conclusion, Ostrom is a great platform to get sustainable energy at great discounts. Also, when you join using the Ostrom referral code you will get a special 50€ discount for your first month’s bill.

With the Ostrom referral program, you can save money on your future energy bills by inviting your family and friends.

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