Koinly Promo Code: $25 Welcome Offer + $25 Per Referral [2023]

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This Koinly Promo Code “1EC7BEAF” will give you a $25 Off Bonus discount on your Koinly subscription plans when you sign up and use this promo code while Koinly paid plan. You can also earn $25 Koinly Credit by inviting your friends.

Koinly is a simple but advanced crypto tax software designed to help accountants and tax professionals calculate their clients’ crypto taxes and generate reliable tax reports for filing their tax returns.

However, the price seems a bit out of budget, that’s why In this article, you will get some of the latest Koinly coupon codes and promo codes to save money on your purchase. So, Let’s dive in!

Koinly Promo Code: $25 Bonus Discount

Koinly Promo Code: $25 Bonus Discount

Koinly offers many promo codes and coupon codes to help their users to save money on tax plans, so you can select your favorite plan and use the Koinly promo code to get discounts on your subscription.

How To Use Koinly Promo Code?

Here is how to use Koinly Promo Codes:

  1. Visit This Koinly Referral Link to Sign Up.
  2. Open an account using your email and create a password.
  3. Choose your account type from Individual, Business, or Accountant.
  4. Choose whether you just want Portfolio Tracking or Tax Reports + Portfolio Tracking.
  5. Then add your wallet with Koinly.
  6. Pick up the plan that suits you and subscribe using this Koinly Promo code “C8F496C9” to get a discount of $25 on your purchase.

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Koinly Promo Code

Here are some Koinly Promo Codes that will give you free Discount on your Koinly Account:

  • Koinly promo code 2023 – C5LXM3Y9
  • Koinly coupon code – T2RKF7P4
  • Koinly black friday – M7VQD8B3
  • Koinly promo code reddit 2023 – L9QDP5R2
  • Koinly promo code 50 – E4SNL9U2
  • Koinly 30% off – N9GTH1Z6
  • Koinly 30% off – H3VTK7G2
  • Koinly 40% off – W6JFP2K5
  • Koinly 100 discount – X1CMB6R8
  • Koinly discount code 2023 – A8WPL5Q4
  • Koinly 50% off – F6ZJQ9D1

Koinly Referral Program: Give $25, Get $25

Koinly Referral Program: Give $25, Get $25

If you enjoy using Koinly and want to share it with your friends, you can earn $25 Referral Credit for every friend signed up using your Koinly Referral code. And you can withdraw to your PayPal account.

Note: Koinly Often changes its promotions, so you must check out the latest Koinly Affiliate terms.

How To Get Koinly Referral Bonus?

  1. Login To Your Koinly Account.
  2. Go To Refer and Earn option to get your Koinly Referral code.
  3. Then copy your unique Koinly Referral Link and share it with your family and friends.
  4. If someone signs up using your koinly promo code 2023, you will get your $25 Affiliate Bonus.
  5. Your referral will also get a $25 sign up bonus discount on their purchase.

There is no limit to the Koinly referral program, so you can earn as much as you want.

Is Koinly a Trusted Site?

Is Koinly a Trusted Site?

Yes! Koinly Is a Trusted and legitimate site that allows you to track and make a reliable cryptocurrency tax report. Plus, you can also manage your transactions with detailed info about payments.

The best part is that Koinly is one of the most rated sites on Trustpilot, with ratings of 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 1,208 Reviews as of 1 June 2023.

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Is Koinly safe to use?

Koinly is a cryptocurrency tax software that can generate tax reports. However, It has advanced security systems allowing users to keep their data safe and private.

Here are some key points from the search results about the safety of using Koinly:

  • Koinly encrypts data in transit and doesn’t store payment details.
  • Koinly only requires read-only API rights to work, so connecting it to Coinbase or any other exchange is safe.
  • All data sent to Koinly is encrypted in transit, and its API and application endpoints score an “A+” rating on SSL Labs’ tests.
  • Koinly uses bank-grade security measures to protect user data.

Here are some pros and cons of using Koinly:

Koinly easily calculates taxes and potentially saves money.Concerns about giving Koinly API secret key.
Ideal for Canadians completing tax returns.Tax reports are a paid feature with pricing tiers.
Generates capital gains tax reports and integrates with popular exchanges.
Offers excellent live chat support.
Legitimate and registered company with a good reputation.

Can you use Koinly for free?

Can you use Koinly for free?

Yes, you can use Koinly for free. They have a never-ending free trial that you can use to try all Koinly features and benefits.

However, you only need to purchase a plan to download your tax reports. You can generate and download unlimited reports for the tax year your plan is valid for.

The paid plans give you access to many services that aren’t available to free users, such as access to other tax report formats and custom file format imports

Koinly also offers a free account that you can use as a portfolio tracker, and it allows you to create all tax reports like paid versions, except you can’t export.

Does Koinly have an affiliate program?

Does Koinly have an affiliate program?

Yes, Koinly has an affiliate program offers single-tier commissions, which means the affiliates earn commissions only on sales they generate. And you can withdraw your money to your PayPal once you reach the minimum payout limit of $100.

Koinly affiliates earn up to 40% commission and earn lifetime commissions. The base commission starts at 20%, so the commission from a single sale can be as high as $80

Affiliates will receive a commission on all purchases their referrals make unless other arrangements have been made with Koinly’s marketing team. The standard commission rate is 20%. Koinly affiliates receive a base commission starting at 20% (and can earn up to 40%) commission on all crypto tax reports they refer to.

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My Koinly Promo Code didn’t work. What can I do?

If your Koinly promo code didn’t work, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check the expiration date: Ensure the Koinly coupons are still valid and haven’t expired.
  2. Check the terms and conditions: Some koinly codes have specific eligibility criteria, so ensure you meet all the requirements.
  3. Check if the code or link is case-sensitive: Ensure you have entered the koinly discount codes correctly, including any capitalization or special characters.
  4. Contact Koinly support: There might be restrictions if none of the above steps work. Contact Koinly support through the live chat button in your account. They should be able to help you resolve the issue.


Koinly offers fantastic promotions to help you save money while managing your cryptocurrency.

With a $20 welcome bonus and $20 referrals, you can enjoy discounts on Koinly’s crypto tax software. This platform is especially useful if you have multiple exchanges and wallets, as it automates consolidating trades and generating tax reports.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in cryptocurrency, Koinly is a valuable tool that simplifies the complex task of tracking and calculating taxes. Take advantage of these promotions and make your crypto journey even more rewarding.

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