Kizik Promo Code: $20 Off On First Order + $20 Discount Per Referral

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You will receive Kizik $20 Off on your first order when you sign up and make your first purchase using the Kizik Promo Code (20-OFF5ebf1153bdb6). 

Also, you will get a Kizik $20 coupon for every friend you invite.

Kizik is a shoe brand that offers luxury footwear for men, women, and children that can be worn without using your hands, thanks to its innovative spring-back heel design.

In this article, we will discuss all the latest Kizik Promo Codes and Discount codes that will help you save money on your purchases. 

We will also discuss Kizik reviews and simple steps to get your $20 Sign up bonus discount.

Kizik Promo Code: $20 Off Discount Coupon

Kizik Promo Code: $20 Off Discount Coupon

Kizik Promotion offers a $20 discount coupon for your first purchase when you create a new account and use this Kizik Promo code (20-OFFbfffca706697) on the checkout option.

To get your Kizik $20 off, you must purchase over $100.

How To Use Kizik Promo Code?

Follow the below steps to use the Kizik Promo Code:

  1. Visit this Kizik Referral Link to create a new account.
  2. Wait, and you will see a pop-up to enter your email.
  3. Provide your email, and you will receive your unique Kizik Discount Code in your mail.
  4. Choose the Kizik Shoe you want, select the size and color, and add it to your cart.
  5. On Check out option, use the Kizik Promo Code from your email, and you will instantly get $20 off on your order.
  6. Complete your purchase and enjoy your fashionable, Hands-free shoes.

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Kizik Referral Program: Give $20, Get $20 Coupons

Kizik Referral Program: Give $20, Get $20 Coupons

Kizik Refer a Friend program allows you to get a $20 coupon for every friend you invite using your unique Kizik Referral Code. 

You will receive your Kizik coupon code in your mail when your friends make their first purchase of $100 or more.

How To Get Kizik Referral Rewards?

Here are simple steps to get $20 Per Referral:

  1. Login to your Kizik account.
  2. Go to “Rewards” and Click on “Get Started.”
  3. Copy your unique Kizik referral link and share it with your friends.
  4. If someone makes their first purchase of $100 or more using your Kizik Promo Code, you will get a Kizik $20 off code in your mail.
  5. Your referral will also receive a $20 discount on their first order.

Kizik Discount Code

Kizik offers a variety of discounts and promo codes that can help you save on your purchases. With a range of offers available, it’s easy to find a Kizik promo code that suits your needs:

  • Kizik coupon code December 2023 – 20-OFFbfffca706697
  • Kizik discount code first order – 20-OFF44079918d47f
  • Kizik promo code 2023 – 20-OFFea6d000f2b00
  • Kizik promo code Reddit – 20-OFF204b67570037
  • Kizik discount code Reddit – 20-OFFd5ba2ad2ffd6
  • Kizik coupon code Reddit – 20-OFFe344383669e3
  • Kizik first order discount – 20-OFFc303f385367d
  • Kizik Black Friday –  Black Friday

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What Is Kizik?

What Is Kizik?

Kizik is a footwear brand that specializes in hands-free shoes designed for both comfort and convenience. 

In 2017, they introduced hands-free technology into their shoes, making them unique and popular. 

It allows wearers to easily put on or take off the shoes without needing to use their hands, making them ideal for those with mobility issues or who find it difficult to bend over. 

They offer different styles of sneakers, loafers, and boots to suit any occasion.

Kizik shoes are a blend of innovative technology, comfort, and style, making them a practical choice for daily wear while catering to a range of style preferences and needs.

Is Kizik Legit?

Is Kizik Legit?

Yes! Kizik is a legitimate and reputable footwear brand. Established in 2018 and based in Utah, Kizik is known for its hands-free sneakers, which are designed for comfort, versatility, and durability. 

The brand has gained a substantial following, evidenced by its 81.3k Instagram followers and features in several media outlets like Forbes and New York Magazine.

Their products are made from high-quality materials like leather, synthetic fabrics, rubber, and memory foam, catering to both comfort and durability.

Kizik Shoes offers:

  • Comfort: Kizik shoes are designed with your comfort in mind. These shoes are made with high-quality materials and have cushioned soles so that your feet are comfortable all day.
  • Style: Kizik offers a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and occasion, from smart sneakers to luxury loafers.
  • Durability: Kizik shoes are crafted with excellence, ensuring long-lasting quality and style.

How Much Are Kizik Shoes?

Here are Kizik Shoes Prices:

Shoe ModelPrice Price (Nordstrom)rice (Kizik Website)
Kizik Madrid$99.00NoneNone
Kizik Athens Hands Free Knit Sneaker$129.00$129.00None
Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers$99.00NoneNone
Kizik Gender Inclusive Roamer Hands-Free SneakerNone$150.00None
Men’s MilanNoneNone$119.00

How To Clean Kizik Shoes?

Here are some ways to wash your Kizik Shoes:

  • Regular Maintenance: Begin by removing loose dirt or debris with a soft brush or cloth. This prevents dirt from being absorbed into the fabric and causing stains.
  • Drying: Allow the shoes to air dry naturally after cleaning. Avoid direct sunlight or artificial heat sources, as these can damage the material.
  • Leather Care: Keep Kizik shoes made from leather soft by applying leather conditioner or cream regularly.

How To Return Kizik Shoes?

How To Return Kizik Shoes?

Kizik offers one free exchange. Exchanges after the first may require customer service approval and charge a $10.00 shipping fee. 

Returns and exchanges are valid within 30 days of the original order date. With that, Here is how to return Kizik Shoes:

  1. Go to Kizik’s return page at
  2. Enter the order number from your confirmation email and the email address used for the purchase.
  3. If you bought your shoes at a retail store and didn’t provide an email at checkout, contact Customer Service at (833)675-0266 or with your receipt’s Order Number for assistance.
  4. Choose whether you want to return or exchange the shoes and answer a few questions to generate a shipping label, which will be emailed to you.
  5. Re-pack the shoes in the original box and attach the provided shipping label. Hand the package to your carrier for return shipping.
  6. Once the return process is completed online, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

While returning, you must make sure the shoes are in original condition (not worn outside, no dirt). 

Final Thoughts

Kizik shoes combine comfort, style, and convenience. With these Kizik promo codes and shopping strategies, you can enjoy these innovative shoes at a more affordable price. 

Stay updated with the latest offers and maximize your savings while enjoying the quality and comfort of Kizik footwear.

FAQs On Kizik Promo Code

Are Kizik Shoes Good For Walking?

Yes! Kizik Shoes are good for walking, are praised for their hands-free convenience, and are found comfortable by many customers.

However, they may not be universally suitable for all users, especially for those seeking strong support for walking or athletic activities.

Is Kizik Worth It?

Yes! Kizik shoes are a good investment for those who value convenience and comfort and are willing to pay a premium for these features. 

They are particularly suitable for individuals who find traditional shoelaces cumbersome or have mobility issues

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