Investing basics for women

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21 investing basics Tips for women  

Talking about money, as a women can be hard because money earning and managing responsibilities are treated as men’s job. But now time is changed. If women can handle money and budgeting then why can she handle the Investing. Here are 21 Basic investing tips for women which help them to initiate and manage Investing part.

21 investing Tips for women
basics investing Tips for women

Tip 1: Investment awareness:

 Begin by first identifying your thoughts, feelings, and emotions around money before talking to your spouse or partner. Ask yourself, what do you believe about money? How were you raised to think about money? What’s your own money story? 

Tip2: Take control of financial lives: 

I read book Investment Basics for Women: and i will strongly recommend 

“Women need to take control of their financial lives, and this book is an important step. Experts estimate that 90% of all women will have sole control over their finances at some point in their lives so better to start early investing

Tip 3: Initiate Money conversation:

Have an open and honest conversation and keep it a judge free zone. Talking about money can be tough but it’s really important to have the conversation. It may not go smoothly at first but communicate with one another. You are going to grow immensely as a couple. 

Tip 4: Acknowledge 

You should know where you are with your money. Identify what debts you each have and where you want to be (money goals). It’s okay if your goals are different as long as you are moving in the same direction and support one another. 

Tip 5: Start with small 

If you aren’t used to talking about money, start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The key is to just start. If you’re not sure where to begin, keep it simple. Start with why you want to get on the same page. 

Tip 6: Create a budget .

People think they can control money by not spending in unnecessary stuff but without proper budgeting you will be over spending money. Now next is how to do budgeting. There is a common misconception that there is only one way to budget. Often, people will pick a budget style that doesn’t work for them, quit after a few weeks, and assume that budgeting isn’t for them. While there are multiple ways to budget, but we recommend these 4 most common budgeting  method and you pick which one suited best. We also recommend to involve your partner or family because One person shouldn’t be doing it by themselves or it can cause resentment and miscommunication. You can free download the budgeting excel. 

Tip 8: Come from a place of us, rather than you or me. How can we work together to give our relationship the best chance possible? For instance, how can we cut expenses instead of where can you cut your spending? Tip 7: Seek to understand their point of view. Truly listen, do not talk, when they talk. Make them feel comfortable sharing. I can’t say this enough but, open and honest communication is integral. 

Tip 8: Don’t hide things. It’s never a good idea to keep secrets, even things you are embarrassed about, or you will lose trust. 

Tip 9: It’s not a competition on who is worse or who is better with money. You are on the same team (or should be at least). Don’t bring each other down. 

Tip 10: Take a break, if things get heated. You can come back and talk later after you both cool off. 

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