How To Win Temu Fishland? | 9 Best Ways To Win Free Gifts

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Temu Fishland? If you’re here, you probably want to learn the secrets to winning big in this popular game.

To win Temu Fishland you will need to focus on feeding your fish regularly, completing daily tasks, and using the referral system. Start by downloading the Temu app using Temu Fishland Code “aci384098” to get bonus coins and fish food. 

In Fishland, feed your fish at least three times a day to collect fish food, which is essential for growing your fish and advancing in the game. Complete daily tasks like sharing the game and browsing the shop to earn extra fish food. 

This article will discuss the 9 Best Ways To Win Temu Fishland as a new user, and we will also discuss actionable steps to get Fishland rewards. So, let’s dive in!

9 Best Ways To Win Temu Fishland Quickly

9 Best Ways To Win Temu Fishland Quickly

Whether you’re a new player or someone looking to enhance their Fishland strategy, you’re in the right place. Keep reading, and you’ll discover how to maximize your chances of success in Temu Fishland:

#1 Use Temu Fishland Code To Bonus Coins

Use Temu Fishland Code To Bonus Coins

The Temu Fishland code “aci384098” will give you free coins that you can use to buy fish food and win your game quickly. Follow the below steps to get your Fishland bonus:

  1. Visit this Temu Referral Link and Download Temu App.
  2. Sign up or log in to your existing Temu Account.
  3. Paste this Temu Fishland code “aci384098” on your search bar.
  4. Done! Now go to your Fishland to claim bonus coins.

#2 Play Everyday

Play Everyday

Consistency is important in the Temu Fishland game. Try to play several times a day at different times (at least 3 times a day). This helps increase your chances of winning prizes such as the chest in Fishland, which gives you a great start every day.

#3 Complete Daily Tasks

Complete Daily Tasks

Temu Fishland allows you to get free fish food by simply completing a few easy tasks like browsing on the Temu Shopping App or watching short advertisements.

Make sure you complete simple daily tasks like browsing for a few seconds. These tasks help you gather more food for your fish, which is essential for their growth.

#4 Check In Daily

Check In Daily

Even if you don’t have time to play the Temu Fishland game, you can easily increase your chances of winning by simply opening your Temu app for a few seconds and logging into the Fishland game.

Don’t forget to hit the “SIGN IN“button every day. This action boosts your Fish food bonus, and these bonuses grow when you log in daily for seven days.

#5 Use Bonus Times

Use Bonus Times

Fishland offers extra food during specific bonus times throughout the day. Make sure to log in during these times to claim your extra food.

How will you find out Fishland bonus times? If you allow Temu notifications, you will be notified when Temu offers bonus fish food. 

Once you click the notification, you will be redirected directly to your game where you can claim your Fish food bonus.

#6 Share for Rewards

Share for Rewards

Don’t Worry! you don’t have to actually refer your friends! Sometimes, the game will offer you food in exchange for sharing news about the game. 

Think of it like a Temu Fishland hack or glitch, just click “Share” and it will take you to your social media account. Click back on the app without sharing and your referral will count! 

However, there is a daily limit on how much you can share, so if you’ve shared multiple times, wait until the next day to claim your free rewards.

#7 Play with Friends

Play with Friends

You can invite users who are already playing Temu games and become friends with them, which will give you free fish food when you visit their Fishland.

You can also help each other earn rewards together by growing your Fishland every day. Remember: you only get one click per game per day, so choose a friend who is just as dedicated as you.

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#8 Save Your Food

Save Your Food

If you want to win Temu Fishland then saving up a lot of food before feeding your fish can sometimes help you progress faster. Try saving over 1000g, then start feeding to see a bigger increase in percentage possibly.

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#9 Ignore Misleading Prompts

Ignore Misleading Prompts

Towards the end, you might see prompts asking you to refer new users to claim your prize. Ignore these and just continue feeding your fish until it reaches 100%.

Once you complete your Temu Fishland you will get Temu Credits and Temu $120 Coupon Bundle for your next order with additional rewards.


We have listed all the best ways to win Temu Fishland all you have to do is follow this guide and stay consistent with your game and you will win great rewards.

Refer friends to Temu, and you’ll receive great amounts of fish food for each new player you bring in. This can give you a huge boost and help you progress faster.

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FAQs On How To Win Temu Fishland?

Is it possible to win Temu Fishland without inviting friends?

Yes! You can win at Temu Fishland without inviting friends. While the game might suggest inviting friends as you progress, especially when you’re close to winning a prize, you can simply continue playing and feeding the virtual fish. 

Once you reach 100% within 30 days, you’ll be able to claim your prize without needing any new referrals. So, keep at it, and you’ll get there on your own! It’s a fun way to earn some freebies from Temu while enjoying the game.

How long does it take to finish Fishland on Temu?

If you want to win Fishland on Temu, It takes an average playtime of 2-3 hours to complete the main storyline and objectives. 

But if you’re the type who loves to explore every detail, aiming to unlock all achievements and collect every rare fish, then you might spend around 6-8 hours or more to experience everything the game offers fully. 

Can you get free stuff from Fishland on Temu?

Yes, you can indeed get free items from Fishland on Temu. It’s a fun and legitimate game within the Temu app where you can play and earn free stuff. 

By feeding virtual fish and managing your aquatic world, you can work towards getting items at no cost. 

People have shared tips online about how to maximize your chances, like feeding the fish, harvesting plants, and inviting friends to join.

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