How to invest 100k for passive income

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Investments are always something that I have been interested in learning how to do since I was young. The idea of being able to invest your money in a company with the potential for massive return has always appealed to me. Unfortunately, when you’re starting out making little more than minimum wage, how can you realistically make investments with any significant amount of money?

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It’s not possible if you don’t already have some sort of nest egg at your disposal. Even then it is an incredibly risky decision and one that will most likely change how you see investing in general. That being said, there are ways that you can start earning passive income by investing only $100 or so.

This is how I got started with making passive income online. By no means do you need to take the same route or even be in the same country for this to work since it’s possible to make money online in so many different ways these days.

I believe in being conservative when looking for good investments, however, so how much you invest in each company should ideally be under $5000. That way if it turns out that said company has some shady business practices or just straight up scammed everyone that invested, your money won’t have been completely lost.

Now how would you go about starting a startup without any experience? Well there are lots of sites out there where people fund new startups and they get their return by investing usually anywhere from 5 to 20% of the startup’s total value. If you are lucky, your investment could be extremely high up on their list which means your return will be quite large as well.

The first place I would recommend you look for these kinds of opportunities is at MicroVentures . They usually have between 40 and 50 different companies looking for investors and how much they put in is determined by how much money they want back.

To give an idea how much one should invest, there is currently a company out there called “Admitad” that needs $1 million if they’re going to go public soon. The lowest amount that you can invest in this company is just $500 but it also has its newest investor putting in $10,000.

Link – how to invest 100k for passive income

If you’re looking to make 10% then that is the kind of investment that would be worth it in my opinion since even if all your other investments turn out to be scams (which statistically won’t happen) you will still get this one large return on your money. With how unpredictable investing is, I believe in taking what you can get with little risk and not gambling on anything with potential rewards beyond 20%.

The next way you could go about doing this is at Wefunder . This website has slightly less startups than MicroVentures but most of them are American so they need a lot more regular investors with smaller amounts. The majority of the companies that use this website have a goal of how much they want to raise and how much money you can invest. They usually put a maximum cap on how much a person can invest which is usually really high so I wouldn’t worry too much about being able to invest more money.

This way of investing works similar to how MicroVentures does it except with how certain projects work out you could potentially get your money back earlier than others if there is no reason for them not to go public. If all else fails though, you should be looking at getting anywhere from 2-5% return on your initial investment. This definitely isn’t as good as 10% but it’s still better than what other forms of investments will give you that are currently available.

Link – how to invest 100k for passive income

With how high these caps usually are, I would not recommend putting in any more than $5,000 per company since anything over that is just a waste in my opinion. There really isn’t much of an advantage in investing in companies that require way over $1 million and the only reason why you would want to do it is if you had access to numerous bankrolls through different investment entities. Maybe it’s worth looking into but I wouldn’t count on being able to do it easily or even be able to do it at all for that matter.

The last way you could possibly go about this is by becoming a loan shark . This does work a lot better than how other investments work so it should definitely be the first choice if you have a large bankroll to work with. Instead of how 10% is what you’ll get for investing in one company, you can probably expect anywhere from 20-30% return on your investment each month depending how much money was borrowed and how long their terms are.

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