How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring? [2023]

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According to a U.S. survey of 2021, about one-fourth of the population Spends their three-month salary on a wedding ring. Why do people spend so much on an engagement ring? Well, I know it’s hard to say no to you, it’s a beautiful ring.

But is it worth three months’ salary to buy an engagement ring? So like every time to help you, we have talked to many people about How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

We did not stop until we figured out the perfect answer to this question. Continue reading this article, and you will get all your solutions in one place. 

How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

According to a survey of 2019 from a reputable company, The Knot, the average cost of an engagement ring is around $6,000. The survey has good respondents, with up to 10% saying that they have spent less than $1000 on an engagement ring.

In 2020, Bride’s American Wedding Study recently found that an average couple is spending about $4000 on an engagement ring, which is just $2000 less than the price tag above.

So as you know How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost? then let’s see How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

What are old “Salary Rule” Myths?

The Old salary rule states that you have to spend two or three month’s salary to buy an engagement ring, but it’s pretty hard if you earn less than an average person in the USA.

Well, I have good news for you, from now you don’t have to spend your two or three months’ salary on your engagement ring. Actually, there is no such rule. It is a marketing tactic to grow diamond sales of diamonds in earlier times.

Your salary doesn’t tell you about your financial situation, maybe your salary is High, but you might be in debt. After all, most parents are still worried about their child’s future, so they don’t really want to spend this much money on a wedding ring.

I don’t think spending a lot of money will show your real love. It’s just a part of showing how much you love your fiance. So purchase a ring that your fiance will love and will not exceed your credit card limit.

How much you spend on a wedding ring or engagement ring is your personal decision. It should also reflect your values. Please choose an average engagement ring.

The best way to find out How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring? To determine your budget, there is no reason to go into the tab to buy an engagement ring.

  • As the quote says, “Everything is fair in love and War” No limit on how much you can spend on a wedding ring to show your love. You should know exactly how much you can afford and want to spend on a wedding ring.

What are the types of engagement rings?

What are the types of engagement rings?

There is no shortage of rare and beautiful engagement rings. The demand for the popular diamond rings raises their price every month, even though white diamonds are not there.

Colored diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and sapphires make beautiful engagement rings. But we are going to show you some of the best and most affordable types of Engagement rings that jewelry experts suggest.

So as you know How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?, then let’s see…

Best types of Engagement rings:

  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Rings
  • Pavé Engagement Rings
  • Side Stone Engagement Rings
  • Vintage Engagement Rings
  • Tension Engagement Rings
  • Channel-Set Engagement Rings
  • Eternity Engagement Rings
  • Bezel Engagement Rings
  • Gemstone Engagement Rings

These rings are beautiful as well as affordable to your budget.

Where Can I Buy Affordable Wedding Rings?

Where Can I Buy Affordable Wedding Rings?

After getting information about the best type of Engagement rings and How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring, you might be thinking about how and where you can get these engagement rings at an affordable cost?

Well, I am here to help you. If you don’t have any personal jewelry, just search for the best jewelry shop near your house; ask the jeweler if he has a selection of Estate jewelry.

Estate Is a fancy and rich way of saying second-hand. Please buy your engagement ring from a reputable jeweler. Reputable auctions also often sell gorgeous second-hand jewelry that professionals have chosen.

Is it Safe to Buy a Diamond Wedding Ring Online?

Is it Safe to Buy a Diamond Wedding Ring Online?

Many people still buy their rings from a jewelry store, But when we talk about diamonds, you will get a variety of choices with affordable prices of gorgeous diamond rings.

Some of the famous sites like James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brilliant Earth Also allow you to customize your diamond ring and a wide selection of antique and vintage engagement rings.

Suppose you are purchasing your engagement ring online. In that case, you must buy from the site with a certification from the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gem Society, or the European Gemological Institute

How Can I Save Money on a Wedding Ring?

As traditional engagement rings are becoming more expensive, some couples have trouble staying within their designated budget for the right circle. As you know How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

Let’s look at some of the Ways to Save for a wedding ring.

Fortunately, plenty of options are available to seek out on a budget! Here are our three tips to save money on your wedding or engagement ring:

  • Buy a Lab Grown Diamond:

Buying a diamond simulant is one of the easiest ways to save money on a Wedding ring. Lab-created diamonds now cost 20-40% less than mined diamonds, and they’re just as durable as mined diamonds in terms of wear and tear over our daily lives. Lab-created diamonds are becoming increasingly popular…

  • Get the Perfect Setting for Your Budget:

Planning a wedding requires setting a budget. While many couples like to pick out their rings, if you plan on surprising your fiancè with a Wedding ring, then it’s essentially essential to know which styles and settings are more expensive than others so that as you shop around at different jewelers, you’ll have an idea of whether or not the ring will fall within your budget range.

  • In doubt, go for a solitaire:

One of the best ways to save money when buying an Wedding ring is to narrow the setting options to the absolute minimum and focus most of your budget on the size of the center stone or diamond.

As long as you buy a giant diamond, you don’t have to buy a simple setting because not everyone needs to know how large your diamond is!

I Can’t Afford an Wedding Ring, Now What?

Many couples will choose a temporary ring, but once you have saved enough money, investing in something more permanent is a symbol of your love may be worthwhile. 

If you’re on a tight budget, both men and women who are planning to propose might want to consider visiting some online jewelry shops first to see if they can find affordable Wedding rings for sale.


If you want to get married, don’t let the cost of an Wedding ring stop you from doing so. Just follow our full article, and I am sure your love will accept you with your beautiful diamond ring.

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I hope this article has helped you and given you a solution for your doubt: How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring? It’s all about how your ring represents your personal love story. What matters most is how you and your partner create a fantastic future together.

So, go and show your love in your way, and Mamainvesting wishes you a Happy Married Life.


How much should an Wedding ring cost?

Taking your other financial and personal goals into account, a Wedding ring should be within a budget you feel comfortable with. Choose a number that helps you keep things on track with your wedding planning goals instead of the three-month salary rule.

Consider the elements most important to you, such as a higher-quality diamond or a custom-designed ring, and work from there to determine what is suitable for you financially.

Who traditionally pays for the wedding ring?

It is always the person who takes on the role of a carer that purchases engagement rings for their partners. Most often, the wearer will contribute to choosing the engagement ring for their partner, but it is more common to leave the purchasing to them since most people may not know what size or cut would work best for them, which is why choosing the piece and budget can be left to them.

How much of your salary should an Wedding ring cost?

Your salary may also affect the amount you spend on your partner. Wedding rings can be customized to fit various budgets, so don’t be scared of this financial commitment.

If your budget is less than $5,000, you could always choose a ring made from a less expensive metal like 10KT gold. Especially if she’s someone special to you, the meaning behind the ring counts most.

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