Honest Fluz App Review: Everything You Need To Know! [2023]

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Get a $5 Fluz Sign up Bonus when you join through this special Fluz referral code DMPATH5. Plus, you can enjoy another $5 Fluz referral bonus for inviting your friends to Fluz.

Getting cashback is one of the best ways to save your money. If you love to buy things online, then the Fluz cashback app is the best option!

Fluz is the Latest Cash Back app that gives you Unlimited Passive Earning Income Potential with 35% guaranteed cash back on your next purchase.

So, We have made a complete Fluz App Review which will help you earn money on everyday purchases, and you can make a couple of thousands of dollars passively! Wanna Know How? Let’s start our Fluz App review.

What is Fluz App?

What is Fluz App?

Fluz is the ultimate Cashback, rewards, and gift card app! that offers you 35% Guaranteed cash back on popular gift cards such as Nike, Home Depot, Target, and more

But that’s not all. Also, you can earn rewards when your friends (and their friends) make purchases. 

Earning fractions of money back on your purchases may not seem like much, but when you start stacking up rewards, it can add up.

Increase your cashback with some of the best cashback apps, TopCashback, Receipt Hog, and Brandclub.

Fluz App Sign up Bonus: Get $5 Welcome Bonus

Fluz App Sign up Bonus: Get $5 + 35% Cash Back Vouchers For Free!

Fluz App Promotion offers you a $5 Fluz sign up bonus along with 3 Fluz cashback vouchers with guaranteed 35% cash back deal when you join through our special Fluz Referral Code and Verify your Number.

Fluz Promo Code

  • Fluz Referral code: DMPATH5
  • Fluz Promo code for new users: VOUCH3R
  • Fluz Promo code for $5 Sign Up Bonus: MONEY5

How To Get Fluz Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Click on this Fluz referral link.
  2. Enter your Phone number and click on “Send Me The App.”
  3. Download The App! (Your Fluz Promo code will automatically get applied).
  4. Now enter your phone number and verify it!
  5. Done! You will get your $5 Fluz sign up bonus with 3 Fulz Vouchers with a Guaranteed 35% Fluz cash back.

Fluz App Referral Promotion: Get $5, Give $5

Fluz Referral Promotion: Get $5, Give $5

Fluz referral Promotion offers you a $5 Fluz referral bonus when you invite new users through your unique Fluz referral code. Once you sign up and make at least two qualified purchases from Fluz within 30 days, you will get your Fluz Promotion rewards.

How To Get Fluz Referral Bonus?

  1. Login to your Fluz App.
  2. Search for “Refer a Freind” option and copy your unique Fluz referral link.
  3. Once someone signs up using your referral code and must make at least two purchases with Fluz totaling within 30 days, Both of you will get your reward.

You can also get Passive Referral Income! You will also earn a reward when your referral invites a qualified Fluz user. 

Is Fluz App safe and legit?

Is Fluz App safe and legit?

Yes! Fluz App is completely safe and legit that has rewarded members since 2019. Currently rated 4.6 on Google Play, 3.9 on the App Store, and 4.7 on Trustpilot, the platform has received both positive and negative reviews. 

Check out some of the reviews below!

Fluz App Review

Fluz app takes your security seriously. They use bank-level security measures, such as AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2, to keep your payment details safe. Plus, They also require you to set up a 4-digit passcode that you must use before every purchase.

Latest Fluz App Review

According to most reviewers, Fluz helps you earn cash back and other discounts on your shopping. So if you’re looking for an easy way to earn rewards, then the Fluz App is definitely worth checking out!

How does Fluz App work?

How does Fluz App work?

Fluz App works completely simple and easy to use. In this Fluz app review, we will completely look at how you can get the best cash back deals and where you can find your Fluz Vouchers.

Get Cash Back deals and discounts
  • To get the Latest Deals and Discounts on Fluz App, Click on “Pay.”
  • To get all your Fluz voucher information, click on “Vouchers.”

Shop where you always shop: they have hundreds of retailers, and you can shop online or in mortar stores and even go to the mall wherever you go these days.

Buy Gift Card: Now, After completing your purchase, open Fluz App, select the Fluz store you’re at & enter the exact checkout amount. Then pay Fluz to get a gift card code from the store.

Show Gift Card Code: Now shows the gift card code to the cashier or paste it during online checkout to complete the purchase.

Get 35% Fluz Cashback! Once you have successfully checkout your purchase, you will receive a pop-up message from the Fluz app with your 35% cashback reward.

Get Cash Back Vouchers

How to Cash Out From Fluz App? It’s so simple to withdraw your Fluz Cash back rewards through your bank account or PayPal.

Why should you Choose Fluz?

You may have heard about lots of the Latest Cash Back sites and Apps that pay you real money for shopping online, But the place where Fluz is unique is that Fluz Allows you to Stack your Rewards.

With Fluz Promotions, you can combine rewards from different programs to maximize your earnings. You can use Fluz with coupons, browser extensions, price tracking tools, receipt scanners, and credit card rewards programs to get the most out of your rewards.


Fluz App is one of the essential cashback rewards programs that you can merge with many cashback sites to maximize your earnings.

Hope this Fluz App review has helped you! So what are you waiting for? Avail the advantage of Fluz Promotions and Claim your Fluz Sign up bonus.

FAQs On Fluz App Review

Is Fluz app free?

Fluz App is free and does not charge fees or issue service charges when you cash out, but we will deduct any money transfer fees incurred by us during the transaction.

How much does Fluz payout?

Fluz requires a minimum wallet balance of $15 before you can request a payout. And, once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can choose to cash out your earnings in a variety of ways, such as direct deposit, PayPal, or gift cards.

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