Flip Promo Code: $30 Sign Up Bonus + $30 Per Referral

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Does it happen to you that you have ordered something by looking at the images and received a bit different product? Flip Shop has a solution for you!

If you open a new account using Flip Promo Code(62adaOac), you will earn a 30 Welcome credit to save money on your purchase. You will also earn $30 referral credits for every friend you invite.

Flip is a social shopping app that lets you watch a short video review of your product that helps you pick your favorite, and then you can order it with free next-day shipping in just a few clicks.

In this article, we will look at Flip Promotions, Promo codes with simple steps to earn more Flip Rewards to save money on your purchases. We will also see how you can get free stuff from Flip, so let’s get started!

Flip Promo Code: $30 New User Bonus

Flip Promo Code: $30 New User Bonus

Earn a $30 Sign up bonus when you open a new account using Flip Promo Code(62adaOac). This $30 Flip Reward will automatically be applied to your order to save money on your purchases.

While making your purchases, you can pay 30% of your total order with Flip Credit rewards. And if you order a minimum of $30, you will get free shipping on your purchase.

How To Use Flip Promo Code?

Follow the below steps to earn a $30 Welcome bonus:

  1. Visit this Flip Referral Link to open a new account.
  2. Download the Flip app by scanning the QR code.
  3. Open the app and choose your Interests and DOB.
  4. Sign up using your email and verify it.
  5. Complete your Flip Profile with basic details like name and address.
  6. Done! You will receive $30 Flip Credit rewards in your account.

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Flip Referral Bonus: Give $30, Get $30

Flip Referral Bonus: Give $30, Get $30

You will earn a $30 Referral Credit when you invite your friends using your unique Flip Referral Link, and they make a verified Flip Account.

Your referral will also receive a $30 Flip Sign up bonus for using your referral Code.

How To Get Flip Referral Bonus?

Follow the below steps to earn a $30 referral Bonus:

  • Login To your Flip Account.
  • Go to “Profile and click on “Add Friends.”
  • Then Copy your unique Flip Referral Link and share it with your family and friends.
  • If someone opens a new account using your referral link and verifies their email, then you will receive a $30 referral reward.
  • Your referral will also receive a $30 sign up bonus for signing up using your Flip referral code.

There is no limit in the referral program, so you can earn as much as you want!

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What Is Flip Shop?

What Is Flip Shop?

Filp Shop is a social e-Commerce app that allows you to shop online by watching video reviews shared by other shoppers. It’s pretty much like TikTok, except you’ll only get product reviews with quick snaps of the product showing off its features.

Actual shoppers share these video reviews on Flip Shop, and if you like any product on Flip Shop, you can order it with just a few clicks.

The unique feature of Flip Shop is its credit system that allows you to save money on your purchases, and you can easily collect credits by referring friends and watching videos.

Temu is a similar shopping app that also allows you to save up to 100% by using credits; if you want to know more, then read our article on Get Temu Credits.

How To Get Free Stuff on Flip?

How To Get Free Stuff on Flip?

Getting Free Stuff from Flip is so simple! Here is how to receive your free products on Flip:

To get free stuff on Flip, you must share a video review of your purchase with the Flip community to unlock the Free stuff option. 

Once your Free Stuff option is unlocked, you must purchase some desired amount to receive your free items. Here are the minimum criteria for receiving free gifts:

  • If you purchase a product for $60, you will receive 1 free item.
  • If you purchase a product for $100, you will receive 2 free items.
  • If you purchase a product for $150, you will receive 3 free items.

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Is Flip Shop Legit?

Is Flip Shop Legit?

Yes! Flip Shop is 100% Legit and has an excellent rating of 4.7 on the App Store with over 39K reviews. However, many people are still unsatisfied with the service due to pending creator payments.

So, If you are looking for more trusted apps to purchase something, then read our article on SheinPoshmark, and Temu.


Flip Shop is one of the best shopping apps for people who love to watch product reviews before purchasing it! And you will get $30 Sign up bonus credits when you open a new Flip Shop account using Flip Promo Code.

You can also earn credits by referring friends and watching videos on Flip Shop. Whether you are looking for beauty products or gadgets, Flip Shop has got you covered!

How to make money on Flip app

To Make Money On Flip App, You must make video reviews, live shows, invite your friends to the app using your unique referral code and watch videos on Flip Shop.

Also, if you are looking for more ways to make money, then read our article on How To Make $100 Fast Online?

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