EverUp Referral Code: £5 Welcome Offer + £5 Per Referral

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New EverUp users will earn £5 sign up bonus and 500k coins when they create a new account using the EverUp referral code (RSTI251338BDIOMI) and verify their identity. 

Also, Existing EverUp users can earn £5 referral bonus for every friend they invite.

EverUp is an innovative cashback app that combines guaranteed instant cashback on over 140+ brands with free games, allowing users to redeem their earnings for discounted gift cards starting from just £1.00. Additionally, users have the chance to win extra cashback and participate in weekly £1M jackpot draws.

This article will discuss all the latest EverUp promotions, promo codes, and simple steps to earn £5 new user bonus. We will also see how EverUp works and whether it is legit or not! Let’s Dive In!

EverUp Referral Code:  £5 Welcome Bonus

EverUp Referral Code:  £5 Welcome Bonus

The EverUp Referral Code (RSTI251338BDIOMI) Offers a £5 Welcome Bonus to all new users who join using the referral code and open a cash account by verifying their identity.

How To Use EverUp Referral Code?

Follow The below steps to use the EverUp referral code and earn £5 bonus:

  1. Visit this EverUp Referral Link to create an account.
  2. Download the EverUp app and sign up using basic details.
  3. Use this EverUp referral code (RSTI251338BDIOMI) while signing up.
  4. Verify your details.
  5. Done! You will get £5 Welcome bonus with 500k coins.
  6. You can use 500k coins in the lottery to get a lucky draw.

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EverUp Refer a Friend Program: Give £5, Get £5

EverUp Refer a Friend Program: Give £5, Get £5

The EverUp Referral program will give you £5 referral bonus when you invite your friends using your unique EverUp referral code and they open a cash account.

How To Share EverUp Referral Code?

Here are simple steps to invite your friends to earn a referral bonus:

  1. Login to your EverUp App.
  2. Go to the “Refer a Friend” and copy your unique referral code.
  3. Share your EverUp referral code with your family and friends.
  4. Once someone signs up using your referral code and opens a cash account, you will get £5 referral bonus.
  5. Your referral will also earn a £5 bonus and 500k coins.

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What Is EverUp?

What Is EverUp?

EverUp is an innovative platform that transforms everyday spending into fun and rewarding experiences. Instead of using payment cards or cash, 

EverUp offers an alternative: use Gift Cards and earn Instant Cashback and Virtual Coins. These coins can be used to play free games, adding an exciting twist to your shopping experience. 

With over 140 brands, EverUp covers a wide range of your shopping needs. Plus, you can participate in their Daily RaffleWeekly Lotto, and other games for a chance to win real cash prizes, including a £1 million jackpot insured by Lloyds of London.

Is EverUp Safe?

Is EverUp Safe?

Yes! EverUp is a 100% Legitimate App. It is a prize-linked app that combines the excitement of gambling with saving. It allows you to earn cashback on purchases and play daily games for a chance to win up to £1 million

The app offers a Million Lotto with prizes ranging from coins to cash, and while the odds of winning the top prize are slim, people have won substantial amounts. EverUp is legit and has received positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot

Additionally, it operates as a registered agent of an e-money institution authorized by the FCA, ensuring that customer money is safeguarded. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to save and potentially win, EverUp is worth a try

How Does Everup Work?

How Does Everup Work?

The Everup app is a pretty cool app that allows you to earn prizes by shopping daily. You can use Everup’s Gift Cards in place of your regular credit or debit cards and get Instant Cashback and Virtual Coins in return. 

The coins can be used to play free games. Raffles are held daily, a lotto has a top prize of £1 million, and scratch cards offer cash and coins. There’s also a chance to win big, like £100 Gift Cards or even Ethereum coins. 

And if you’re not into spending, you can still earn coins by referring friends. The best part? You don’t have to worry about losing money – your money won’t be used in the games.


With EverUp, you can save and earn at the same time. The app’s user-friendly interface, positive reviews, and the chance to win significant prizes make it well worth considering for those who wish to maximize their savings.

And by using the EverUp referral code you will earn a £5 welcome bonus, plus you can also invite your friends to earn more coins. 

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