Eight Sleep Referral Code: $450 Off + $100 Off Per Referral

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Are you tired of restless nights and dizzy mornings? Then Eight Sleep has the solution you’ve been looking for!

Use this Special Eight Sleep referral code “REFFRB” and you will get a $450 Welcome Bonus discount on your first pod purchase. Plus, you can share your code with friends to earn more discounts!

Eight Sleep offers the Pod, a smart mattress that heats and cools each side of the bed to optimize your sleep quality and health. The Pod tracks your sleep and vital signs, wakes you up gently, and works with any bed.

In this article, we will discuss Eight Sleep Promotions, promo codes, and simple steps to maximize your discounts. Also, we will look at Eight Sleep Pod reviews and features to help you find the best choice! 

Eight Sleep Referral Code: $450 Welcome Discount

Eight Sleep Referral Code: $450 Welcome Discount

You will earn a $450 sign up bonus discount when you open a new account using Eight Sleep Referral Code (REFFRB) and make your first purchase of Eight Sleep Pod

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How To Use Eight Sleep Referral Code?

Here are simple steps to use the Eight Sleep Referral Code:

  1. Visit this Eight Sleep Referral Link to open a new account.
  2. Sign up using your email and create a new password.
  3. Choose the product you want to purchase.
  4. Customize your product’s size, model, and autopilot mode.
  5. On the checkout page use this Eight Sleep Referral Code (REFFRB) to get a $450 discount.
  6. Since, you can use 2 Eight Sleep discount codes at the same time, use this Eight Sleep Discount Code EMAIL50 to get a $450+ discount.
  7. Done! Complete your purchase to get your comfortable Eight Sleep pod at your home!

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Eight Sleep Refer a Friend Program: Give $450, Get $100 Off

Eight Sleep Refer a Friend Program: Give $450, Get $100 Off

Eight Sleep Refer a Friend Program allows you to get discounts with your family and friends. 

When you share your unique Eight Sleep Referral Code with your friends, they will get a $450 discount on their first order. And, once they make their first purchase of Eight Sleep Pod, you will also get a $100 discount for your next order.

How To Share Eight Sleep Referral Code?

Here are simple steps to share your Eight Sleep Referral code:

  1. Go to the Eight Sleep Referral Page and log in to your account.
  2. Copy your unique Eight Sleep referral link.
  3. Share your referral code with your family and friends.
  4. If someone makes their first purchase using your unique Eight Sleep Referral Code, they will get a $450 discount.
  5. You will also receive an email with a $100 discount code for your next order!

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What Is Eight Sleep?

What Is Eight Sleep?

Eight Sleep is a smart sleep system that works with any bed. It heats and cools automatically, giving you up to one more hour of sleep. 

The Pod, its core product, personalizes your sleep setup with Autopilot, adjusting the temperature on each side of the bed to match your body’s natural rhythm. 

It also tracks your sleep vitals, waking you up gently with a thermal alarm. In short, Eight Sleep combines comfort, technology, and science to improve your sleep quality.

How Does Eight Sleep work?

How Does Eight Sleep work?

Eight Sleep is a ‘sleep fitness’ company that offers the Eight Sleep Pod, a specialized mattress cover designed to improve sleep and overall health. Here’s how it works:

  • The Pod is placed on top of an existing mattress.
  • It comes with a Hub, which serves as the ‘brains’ of the system.
  • The Hub has a quad-core CPU and a water reservoir for the Pod’s active grid.
  • The Pod features internal temperature controls, sleep tracking, and health monitoring.
  • You can access sleep metrics through the Eight Sleep app (subscription required).
  • The Active Grid regulates temperature by pumping water throughout the surface, allowing you to heat or cool your bed.
  • The Pod 3 version supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and offers advanced biometric tracking.
  • A subscription to Eight Sleep Autopilot is required for core features.
  • Plans start at $15 per month for up to two people

Eight Sleep Review

Eight Sleep Review

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover offers powerful cooling and heating sleep technology, but it comes with a pricey tag. It features an Active Grid for personalized temperature control and accurate sleep tracking, making it a compelling choice for those seeking better rest.

To drain the Pod, unplug it from the power source and wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Then press and hold the “Power” button to reset it. 

The Pod also offers personalized sleep settings through Autopilot, which adjusts the temperature and wakes you up gently. 

The cost of Eight Sleep varies depending on the plan you choose, starting at around $1299 for The Pod plan. 

Cleaning the Pod involves vacuuming, sanitizing surfaces, changing bedding, and maintaining the air filter for good air quality. Overall, Eight Sleep aims to enhance your sleep quality and provide a more restful night


To sum it up! Eight Sleep is an amazing pod to have a healthy and comfy night and with its autopilot adjusting features you can leave all your worries! Also with the Eight Sleep referral code, you can get a massive discount on your first purchase!

Also, refer your friends to Eight Sleep, send them $450 off, and get $100 when they purchase. It’s a win-win for better sleep!

FAQs on Eight Sleep Referral Code

How does the Eight Sleep Pod cover work?

The Pod cover adjusts your bed’s temperature throughout the night. It cools and heats based on local weather, sleep stages, and your preferences.

You can access sleep metrics through the Eight Sleep app (subscription required).

Does Eight Sleep work with adjustable bases?

Unfortunately, Eight Sleep doesn’t recommend using the Pod cover with adjustable bases. The tubes inside are delicate and need to remain flat.

Does Eight Sleep work without a subscription?

Yes! Eight Sleep works without a subscription, however without a subscription, you can only manually control the temperature. You’ll lose features like scheduled heating, sleep tracking, and alarms.

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