5 Cash Advance Apps That Work With Cash App

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Looking for a quick way to get money into your cash app account? Then, Cash Advance Apps are best for you!

There are many cash advance apps that work with Cash App that allow you to get up to $500 with no credit check. They also offer a $50 welcome bonus when you sign up using the referral code.

This article will cover all the best Cash Advance Apps That Work With Cash App with all the necessary information you will need to claim your cash advance. So, Let’s Dive in!

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5 Cash Advance Apps That Work With Cash App

Cash advance apps let you borrow a small amount of money. It’s like asking for part of your paycheck a bit early. When you get your next paycheck, you repay the borrowed money. 

Here are the Top 5 Cash Advance Apps That Work With Cash App along with the benefits they offer:

#1 Dave


Dave is an amazing cash advance app that allows you to easily borrow money. With Dave, you can get an advance of up to $500 almost instantly, without any credit checks or late fees. 

It’s pretty simple to borrow money from Dave: you download the Dave app, link your bank account, and choose how much you need

The best part? Since Dave cash advance works with a cash app, you can use the money right away, and when it’s time to pay it back, there are no surprises because there’s no interest. 

So, Dave Cash Advance is like a friend who’s there to give you a boost when your budget is tight. Read our article on Dave Bank Promotions to know more!

#2 Brigit


Brigit works well with Cash App and is more than just a cash advance app. It can give you up to $250. It also has budgeting tools, credit-building advice, and overdraft alerts. 

Brigit also helps you build your credit and offers tools to budget and save. It’s pretty simple to use too. You just download the app, connect your bank account, and you’re set to go.

And the best part? It helps you avoid those annoying overdraft fees by alerting you if your balance is running low and can even send you cash automatically to cover upcoming expenses

#3 Varo


Varo is a modern, mobile-first bank that’s all about helping you manage your money without the stress of hidden fees. It’s like having a smart financial tool right in your pocket. 

You can borrow up to $250, which is paid directly into your Varo Bank account. When a customer applies for the first time, they receive $20, and over time, their limit can rise to $500 by making on-time payments.

Also, Varo Promotions offers a $50 new user bonus when you sign up using Varo Referral Code.

Plus, they’re big on not charging you unnecessary fees, so you can keep more of your money. And for peace of mind, your money is safe with them because it’s insured up to $250,000.

#4 Albert


Albert Cash Advance is a great app that helps you manage your money better. If you find yourself a bit short before payday, Albert can give you an advance of up to $250. 

It’s like getting a part of your paycheck early, and the best part? There’s no interest or credit check to worry about. You just pay it back when your salary comes in. It’s super simple to use, too.

Plus, you will get a $150 Albert sign up bonus when you create a new account using a referral code. Read our article on Albert Promotions to know more!

Just sign up, and if you qualify, you’ll see the money in your bank account. Plus, Albert has other cool features like overdraft protection and cashback rewards on everyday purchases.

#5 Cleo


Cleo is a handy tool that can help you manage your finances. It’s like having a smart friend who keeps an eye on your spending and gives you advice on how to save money. 

Cleo can also set budgets for you and send you alerts to keep you on track. You just have to chat with Cleo through the app, and it uses artificial intelligence to understand your financial habits and give you personalized advice.

Cleo also offers a $5 sign up bonus when you join Cleo Promotions using a referral code.

Think of Cleo as a financial assistant who’s always there to help you make better money decisions in a fun and friendly way.


Cash advance apps can be a big help when you need money quickly. Remember to use them wisely and choose the one that suits you the best. 

We have gathered this list of Top 5 Cash Advance Apps That Work With Cash App after doing deep research and reading several reviews about their trustworthiness.

Whether you need cash fast or want to get better at managing your money, there’s an app out there for you.

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