How to Become a millionaire in 5 years?(2022)

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3,276,948 at the time of this writing this article that is “How many years Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, could survive into the future.” if he were to spend the average American salary of $56,516 per year

If you were able to save 50 percent of your salary and stash it under the mattress every year, it would take you 6.5 million years to save your way to Elon’s wealth. 

Okay, I get it, so we can’t all be the richest people on the planet, but how about a million dollars? Yes you can Become a millionaire in 5 years!

Surely that couldn’t be that hard, right? Well, let’s say you’re the average engineer earning $82,000 per year. It would take 156 years to save a million dollars as you also have to manage your living expenses.

The average teacher would take 217 years, and a bartender would take 625 years. You see, for the rich, wealth is measured in time.

If you lost your job tomorrow or you are a single mom, how many days, months, or years could you survive on your savings?

That is the definition of wealth, so how long could you survive? This book will give you the financial intelligence that you probably missed out on growing up, the secret financial intelligence that wealthy families pass on from generation to generation.

The education system and your parents forgot to teach you; not getting this information is why so many people remain forever stuck in the rat race That’s why we are here!

By the end of this article, you will know 100 percent of everything this book has to offer wealth and guide you on your journey to financial freedom. Let’s jump into it!

How to Become a millionaire in 5 years?

How to Become a millionaire in 5 years?

Rich dad, poor dad” is the story of two fathers. One has a wall full of degrees and diplomas, While another one is a high school dropout.

One after death will leave next to nothing behind except death.

The other will have died as one of the wealthiest men in Hawaii and will pass on his empire to his children.

Rich dad guides two boys on a journey to best use their minds and finite time to create wealth through investments and business.

This story shows the difference between:

I can’t afford that to how can I afford that.”

1. The rich don’t work for money

Poor in the middle-class work for money; the rich have money worked for them. 

When Robert Kiyosaki, the author of this book, was nine years old, his best friend Mike and he asked rich dad mike’s father “how to make money before long, and they were both working within rich dad’s companies; the only problem Robert had was his salary 10 cents a week.

A poverty wage, he seriously thought about quitting every week that passed by; who was this guy to be exploiting us for 10 cents a week? He would ask himself.

It was at this moment in time that rich dad gave them their first lesson on the topic of money:

"Life pushes all of us around, some people give up, and others fight. Few learn the lesson and move on; they welcome life, pushing them around."

One of life’s biggest traps is they work very hard for little money, clinging to the illusion of job security, three weeks of vacation, and a skimpy pension.

two emotions forever control people’s lives:

  • fear
  • and greed

Here’s how the pattern goes your fear of not having money motivates you to work harder than the paychecks begin, and your desire and greed for new cars, new products, new shoes, and clothes begin.

You want more things, so you work harder for that promotion; then the pattern is set, and you’re stuck in it; you get up, you go to work, you come home, and you pay your bills.

The rich don't work for money

Your increased earnings lead to increased spending, and this is the rat race!

To break the boys out of the nine to five mentalities driven by fear and greed, eventually, the rich dad cut down the two boys’ wages to zero. 

Robert didn’t dare tell his poor dad that he was working for nothing; they began working solely for the knowledge, and his rich dad forced them to think of ways to start generating their own income.

One day, two older comics were left lying around one of the rich dad’s stores, and this was the inspiration for them to open their first business; they recovered the outdated comics and opened a library in their basement classmates paid ten cents for entry.

They paid the sister a wage of one dollar a week; before they knew it, they were earning nine dollars and fifty cents a week without even needing to work.

This was the beginning of their journey of not working to earn money but to making money work for them!

What should you learn from this?

Getting a job is really just a short-term solution, getting enough to pay expenses to the long-term challenge of building your net worth.

The more you get paid, the higher your expenses become; this is human nature, and it’s driven by fear and desire.

Once you get stuck in this cycle, you are forced to work for someone else; for the rest of your life.

2. Why teach financial literacy?

Why teach financial literacy?

It’s not how much money you make; it’s how much money you keep.”

If you’re looking to school to make you rich, then you’re looking in the wrong place; the education system’s primary objective is to train you on how to become a good employee.

But it does a poor job of making you good employer things like managing your own personal finances and building wealth aren’t taught to you by the education system in its current state.

You can only rely on yourself to use this knowledge and acquire assets that allow you to generate an income.

The first pillar of financial literacy and escaping the rat race is understanding the difference between an asset and a liability!

An asset puts money in my pocket, and a liability takes money out of my pocket; let’s quickly look at the income statement; your income statement is the money going into your pocket expenses is the money going out of your pocket.

Things like rent, food, electricity, and clothing go here; an asset is something that allows its owner to generate an income. 

On the other hand, a liability generates expenditure; this is the cash flow of an asset; this is the cash flow of a liability.

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Cash Flow Patents:

Cash Flow Patents

Cash flow tells the story of how someone handles money; 

The cash flow of a poor person: they have a job, and they get a salary, they use all their salary on expenses, and usually live from paycheck to paycheck.

The cash flow of the middle class: they have jobs, they get a salary, but most of their money is tied up in liabilities and expenses home loans, car debt, credit card debt, mortgage repayments, and taxes; they think that their home is an asset.

But they wake up one day with a liability column full of mortgage debt and credit card debt.

The cash flow of a rich person: the rich are always thinking of ways to grow their asset columns. Their main source of income is from assets that they have acquired over time. 

Your home is not an asset by focusing on a home. You are building a liability rather than an asset. 

When it comes to houses, most people work all their lives paying for a home they might never own, incurring 30-year loans that they are tied to. You need to pay property tax and the rates of taxes.

Most people fall into this trap all the time because they are financially illiterate. They don’t understand the relationship and differences between the balance sheet and the income statement.

Why do people struggle to Become Rich?

Why do people struggle to Become Rich?

If you follow what the masses do, this is what your life will become; you have three people that you work for the company to get a salary. You’re making the owner and the shareholders rich.

If you have debt, then you work for the bank, your mortgage and credit cards make the bank rich through your interest payments, and finally, you work for the government. 

The government takes a cut of your money before you have even seen it, and the harder you work, the more you pay in taxes.

Take a calendar year. If you’re a regular person, every dollar you earn from January 1st to March 16th goes straight to the government. 

That’s two and a half months of every. The year that you just give to the government compounded over 40 years. That’s almost six years you work just to pay the taxman.

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The rich understand this; the masses don’t fail the main ways to get out of the rat race is to fully understand the difference between an asset and a liability and focus all your efforts on obtaining assets that generate a cash flow.

What should you learn from this?

Get a Clear Knowledge of financial literacy and understand the difference between an asset and a liability; the rich build and acquire assets the poor and the middle class acquires liabilities that they mistakenly think are assets.

3. Mind your own business 

3. Mind your own business 

The rich focus on their asset columns. Well, everyone else focuses on their income statements. 

Robert Kiyosaki’s first professional job was far from glamorous he was a photocopier salesman for xerox .using the wages he earned, he invested in apartments, and after just three years, the revenue he was generating from his investments outpaced his salary.

It was then time for him to leave xerox and look after his business full-time, so what are some real assets you can begin focusing your attention on?

  1. Businesses: that do not require your presence to operate.
  2. Stocks: Get Free Stocks from Webull Promotions.
  3. bonds
  4. Income-generating real estate.
  5. Notes or Ios.
  6. Royalties from intellectual properties like music scripts or patents.
  7. Anything else that produces an income or appreciates in value things such as cryptocurrencies, websites, youtube channels, etc.

Once a dollar goes into your asset column, never let it come out again feed your asset column. Robert thinks of every dollar he puts into his asset column as an employee; each dollar in my asset column was a great employee.

Making more employees buy the boss a new Porsche, and the best thing about money is it can work for you 24 hours a day, and it can work for generations.

Starting Investing can not be easy if you don’t have some thousands dollars, but we have simplified your investing in our Stash App investing Guide, and Tellus App Review.

What should you learn from this?

Don’t confuse your profession with your business; the middle-class focus on their profession, and as a result, they spend their entire lives building someone else’s business; the rich, on the other hand, focus on building their own businesses.

Your profession focuses only on the income section of your personal income statement; your business revolves solely around the asset column on your balance sheet.


Hello friends, you made it to the end of the article. Let me Congrats you; you have made your first step to becoming rich, 

If you found this article about How to Become a millionaire in 5 years? Helpful, then feel free to give us feedback in the comments.

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