Avelo Promo Code: 50% Off On All Flights

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You will get up to 50% Avelo discount when you book your first flight using Avelo Promo Code (NOV50). Also, if you are not in a hurry, then you must sign up for Avelo Flight Deals to get up to 30% discounts on your next flight bookings.

Avelo Airlines is a new and affordable way to fly in the United States. It flies to smaller airports that are easier to get to and closer to your destination. 

They also have reliable service and no change or cancellation fees.

In this article, we will check out all the latest Avelo Airlines Promotions, Avelo promo codes, and some useful insights that will help you in your first flight booking.

With that, let’s get started!

Avelo Promo Code: 50% Discount Offer

Avelo Promo Code: 50% Discount Offer

Avelo Airline Promotions offers up to 50% discount on your first flight booking when you use the Avelo Promo Code (NOV50).

It can help you save money by giving you a discount on your ticket price. You can also sign up for Avelo Air deals to get discount emails for your next flight booking.

How To Use Avelo Promo Code?

Follow the steps to use the Avelo Promo code:

  1. Visit the Avelo Air Site to book your flight.
  2. Choose your destination, dates, and number of passengers. 
  3. Then, on the payment page, you will see a box that says, “Enter Promo Code.”
  4. Use this Avelo Promo Code (NOV50) and click “Apply.” 
  5. You will see the new price with the discount applied.
  6. Done! Complete your purchase, and enjoy your trip.

If you are traveling outside the USA, then check out Airalo eSim to enjoy your mobile services with a $5 welcome bonus discount.

Avelo Airlines Baggage Fees

Avelo Airlines Baggage Fees

Avelo Airlines is a low-cost airline that charges a fee for many things. If you want to bring more luggage with you, you have to pay extra money. 

Here are some of the fees that Avelo Airlines charges for baggage:

  • Personal item: Free
  • Carry-on bag: $35 to $65, depending on when and where you book it
  • First checked bag: $10 to $65 depending on when and where you book it
  • Second checked bag: $20 to $65 depending on when and where you book it
  • Additional checked bags: $100 each
  • Overweight bag (51 to 70 pounds): $100
  • Oversized bag (more than 62 inches): $100

You can find more information about Avelo Airlines baggage fees here!

Avelo Airline Deals

Avelo Airline Deals

Avelo Airlines often offers special sales and promotions that allow you to save money on your next flight bookings.

Avelo Airlines is offering up to 75% off on select flights for travel completed between November 30 and December 17, 2022

You have to book your flight by November 10, 2022, and use the Avelo Air Promo Code 75OFF.

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Is Avelo Airlines Legit?

Is Avelo Airlines Legit?

Yes! Avelo Airlines is a legitimate budget airline offering affordable flights with a straightforward approach. 

Mostly, they operate between larger hubs and smaller airports and have a limited flight schedule. Fees for Additional luggage, seat assignments, and priority boarding can increase the cost of travel.

There is a small limit on the size of personal items allowed by Avelo, and the check-in process can be difficult.


In conclusion, Avelo Airlines offers affordable, convenient, and straightforward flights within the United States for travelers on a budget. 

With this airline, you can save a lot on travel costs with promos and discounts. 

By using the Avelo Promo Code, passengers can enjoy up to a 50% discount on their first flight booking, providing an excellent opportunity to save money.

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