7 Best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money In 2023

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Oh, So you are 13 now. It’s a great time to start depending on yourself for some expenses, like buying a new gaming set or being able to pay for some of your restaurant bills.

I have explored many apps to make money as a teen and found 7 Best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money that will allow you to make some money online while enjoying your time as a teen.

In this article, you will get some of the best apps that pay you money to do simple tasks, play games, and even share the app with your friends. 

Also, you will get a step by step process to sign up and start making some free money online. So, Let’s Get started!

Top 7 Best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money

Before diving into the apps, If you are going to sign up for these apps, you will need your email and phone number to open a new account and verify it. You can also use your parent’s phone number for verification.

Here are the 7 Best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money:

#1 Temu


Temu is an online shopping app that offers a wide range of products, from teen clothing to gaming, fashion to home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more sets, at a very affordable cost. 

If you want to buy something, Temu can be a great online shopping store for you!

When you download the Temu App and open a new account using the Temu Referral code (com95307), you will get a $100 Temu Coupon bundle with a 50% Discount on every item on Temu.

There is no age limit to make money in Temu. Just Sign Up For Temu Affiliate Program, and you will get a $5 Welcome bonus instantly. You will earn an extra $5 referral bonus for every friend you invite using your unique Temu referral link.

How To Make Money On Temu?

  1. Click on the above button and download the Temu App.
  2. Open a new account using email and create a password.
  3. Copy this Temu Free Coupon Code (com95307) and paste it on the “Search Bar.”
  4. Then, Sign up for Temu Affiliate Program, and you will get $5 Instantly.
  5. Copy your Temu referral link and share it with your family and friends.
  6. If someone clicks on your referral link and downloads the Temu app, you will get $5.

#2 Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a site that gives you real money for doing simple tasks like completing surveys, playing games, installing apps, and watching videos. 

This is one of the best apps for 13 year olds to make money by doing things they enjoy. You can play popular games like Super Plinko, Tetris Burst, Wheel of Fortune, Bingo Bash, and more.

If you open a new Swagbucks account, you will get a $10 Sign up bonus instantly, and you will also get surveys that you can complete to earn over $25 a day. Read our detailed article on Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus.

How To Make Money On Swagbucks?

  1. Click the above button to open a new Swagbucks account.
  2. Sign up using your Email and Create a Password.
  3. Look for Surveys on the homepage and complete them for money.
  4. Play Games for Cash and watch videos online.
  5. Once your wallet balance reaches $20, you can withdraw it to your PayPal.

#3 Earnably


Earnably is an online reward site that rewards its users with instant rewards, such as gift cards and PayPal cash, for completing simple tasks and online activities.

These tasks require minimal to zero skills and can be done in your free time, making it an accessible option for anyone earning money from home.

Earnably offers many money-making methods that allow you to earn points by completing microtasks:

  • Completing offers: By completing offers, you will earn points which you can withdraw for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • Answering Surveys: Share your opinion on various products and services, contributing to market research while earning real money.
  • Watching Videos: There are tons of videos available, including entertainment, music, gaming, and more.
  • Downloading Apps: Earnably also offers you to make money by installing apps.

How To Make Money On Earnably?

  1. To get started on Earnably, you only need to click on the above button.
  2. Enter your email address, create a username and password, and confirm your email. 
  3. Once you have set up your account, you can access the platform’s dashboard to explore the different earning opportunities.

#4 FreeCash


FreeCash is a new game rewards app that allows you to play your favorite games, win exciting prizes, and earn great rewards such as gift cards and cryptocurrencies. With FreeCash, the possibilities are endless, and the rewards are just a tap away.

Join FreeCash and get up to a $20 Sign up bonus to a $250 Welcome bonus when you open a new account using the FreeCash bonus code and complete your first offer.

By inviting friends to join FreeCash, you not only spread the joy of earning rewards, but also you will earn commissions based on your friends’ game rewards. 

How To Make Money On FreeCash?

  1. Click on the above button to open a new FreeCash Account.
  2. Enter your email address and password, or use your social account to sign up.
  3. Then, Play games, complete offers, and install apps to earn points.
  4. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can convert them into actual money. 

FreeCash has a low withdrawal threshold, allowing you to cash out as soon as you have about 50 cents in your balance.

#5 Qmee Surveys

Qmee Surveys

Qmee is a leading survey app that allows users to earn cash rewards by participating in surveys, conducting searches, making purchases, and more.

Qmee offers an innovative and rewarding way to earn money by participating in surveys. Installing the Qmee extension for your browser allows you to earn while searching online.

When you search, you may encounter ads after completing the search. By clicking on these ads, you can earn a decent amount.

Plus, you will get a $1 Sign up Bonus when you open a new account using the Qmee referral code. Read our detailed article on Qmee Sign up bonus.

How To Make Money With Qmee Surveys?

  1. Click on the above button to Sign up on Qmee.
  2. Now, Sign up using your email and create a password.
  3. Just complete the surveys on your homepage, and you will get money.
  4. You will also earn cash for searching online and making purchases.

Qmee is one of the best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money with high-paying and easy tasks.

#6 AttaPoll


AttaPoll is a survey app that connects you with various companies and organizations looking for your opinions. There are so many surveys that allow you to earn money daily.

You can earn up to $1 Per survey and exchange it with real cash, free gift cards, or PayPal cash. It is among the highest paying apps in the list of Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money.

Sign Up for AttaPoll

Also, you can make a good change by donating your earnings to a charity, and it’s up to you. Sign up on a new account using the AttaPoll referral code, and you will get lots of active surveys for your first month.

How To Make Money on AttaPoll?

  1. Click on the above button to Download the AttaPoll app.
  2. Create a new account using your Google account.
  3. Start by answering the first questions about your profile.
  4. By completing surveys, you can earn money through your smartphone.
  5. Choose from various options, such as a free Amazon gift card or a gift card from one of our other brands, or get cash instantly to your PayPal account.
  6. Invite your friends to join AttaPoll to increase your earnings.

Love to earn money by signing up for apps? Check out our article on the $25 Instant Sign up bonus and $50 Sign up bonus to get money when you sign up.

#7 MistPlay


If you love playing games online, MistPlay is one of the best apps for 13 Year Olds To Make Money. Mistplay is a mobile gaming app that allows users to earn rewards by playing mobile games. 

It offers a wide selection of games for users to earn points. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, such as gift cards for popular retailers. 

Sign up on MistPlay, and you will get 100 Units Welcome bonus. Also, you can invite your friends to earn more units per referral.

How To Make Money on Mistplay?

  1. Click on the above button to sign up on MistPlay.
  2. Download the app and sign up using your email.
  3. Discover games you’ll love and earn rewards for playing.
  4. Play more and Collect Units.
  5. You can redeem your units for awesome rewards like Amazon, Google Play, Paypal gift cards, and more!


If you’re a 13-year-old looking to make some extra money, these 7 Best Apps For 13 Year Olds To Make Money are here to help you. 

Whether you enjoy shopping, playing games, taking surveys, or completing simple tasks, there’s an app for you. With Temu, Swagbucks, Earnably, FreeCash, Qmee Surveys, AttaPoll, and MistPlay, you can have fun while earning money. 

So why not give them a try and start making some extra cash today?

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